Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Fiction: fs01 - Arc 5 Bonus Chapter - Teasing

Author's note:
This takes place at some point after Part 31.


Mistress sits on the couch.  Theresa is on the love seat.  It has been rare for the two of them to be "alone" together lately.  B is at home napping.  I kneel near Mistress, ready to refill their wine or serve them more cheese.

I try my best not to eavesdrop.  Sometimes it's unavoidable.  Their conversation up to this point has focused on Theresa and B.  The topic changes.  My ears perk up unintentionally.  It feels like the wine is talking.

"I still can't believe you haven't done more with fur's power of attorney, Cass.  That's so boring."
"What would you want me to do with it, T?  I think I've done plenty."
" I think you should have his name changed."
"What did you have in mind, T?"
"Well, you started calling him fs.  We all started calling him fur sissy.  Why not make that his legal name?"

Theresa laughs.  I squirm a little inside.

I feel Mistress's hand on my head.  It calms me a little. 

"I don't think he'd like it very much, T."
"So what, Cass?  You like making him do things he hates.  Besides, you could always change it to something else later.  Live a little."

I feel her fingers tap on my head through my hat.

"What do you think, slave?  Would you like it if you were named fur sissy?"

My cheeks flush red.  I vigorously shake my head 'no.'

"Don't be such a prude, fur.  That would be so cute."  Theresa giggles again.
"Think about it, Cass, you could make him buy drinks at the bar and hope that they card him!  That would be hilarious."

My chest tightens at the thought.  Mistress grins and shakes her head.

"I'll give it some thought, T."
"Think hard about it, Cass.  It would be amazing.  I could start calling you 'Mrs. Sissy.'"

Mistress laughs.

"Damnit, T, you know he took my last name when we got married."
"It's good to see you blush, Cass." 

They both pause to drink more wine. 

"So Cass, are you really having the doc remove his scars?"
"That's the plan, T.  I don't like seeing him covered in scars that weren't left by me."
"Do you plan to brand him again?"
"I'm thinking about it.  The whole idea of branding seems so barbaric though.  I'm leaning more towards a tattoo."

My eyebrows rise.  This is the first I'd heard of this.

"Like what, Cass, a big C on his butt?"
"Actually, T, that's what I was thinking."
"You should get a C on each cheek.  Then I can start calling you Cici."

Mistress sighs and rolls her eyes.

"You wouldn't dare, T."
"How about a tramp stamp that says 'Property of Mistress Cassandra?'"
"I actually kind of like that, T."

Theresa laughs.
"I'm sure when he's getting it he'll wish you had a shorter name!"

It's rare to see this.  Mistress is usually the one baiting Theresa.  Theresa must be a lightweight when it comes to alcohol. 

"Cass, you could get him a tattoo above his junk that says 'fur sissy,' too.  I'm sure he'd love that."

I fidget.  My face burns up.  Mistress pets my head. 

"Tattoo parlors do piercings, too.  I did some reading on chastity, Cass.  Why don't you get him a chastity piercing while you're at it?"

I shudder at the thought. 

"I'll give it some thought, T.  I've considered it before."

My heart races.  Her hand pets the fur on my collar.

"You should get his nipples pierced, too, Cass.  I saw these cute little heart-shaped padlocks.  You could even use those instead of nipple rings."

They both laugh together.

"You're too much today, T.  I suppose it if it was up to you he'd end up with a scrotum piercing for a leash and his butt cheeks pierced together."
"Can they really do that, Cass?  I'd so pay to see that."

Mistress taps me on the shoulder.  Our eyes meet.  Her brow is arched.  Her wine glass is empty.  I rise and fill it.  I'll be punished later for letting it go empty.

My insides are a mess. 

"So, T, do you tease B this much?"

Theresa leans forward on the love seat with a serious expression.

"Of course not, Cass.  She's too sweet to tease.  I save it all up and vent it on fur.  He's so much fun to tease."

Theresa's expression shifts to a smirk.  I blush.  Mistress pets my head.

"It is quite addicting, isn't it, T... quite addicting."


  1. I love it. I can't imagine having a sub and not teasing.

    1. Thank you, Miss Lily. Im glad you like it.