Monday, June 20, 2016

Line Writing Punishments - Fond of Writing

I have read a few things lately from Dommes that use writing lines as a punishment.  I thought I might share this just for fun.

While I know that a hand written version is probably the best and most personal method, about 10 years ago I stumbled across a program called "Fond of Writing."  This program was a little typing-based torture device that could be used as a digital form of punishment.

While it might not seem quite as "fun" as writing the punishment by hand, it was designed to be useful for distance and online relationships as well.

The basic idea is that a Domme can use the "task editor" to create an assignment.  This could include 1 line or multiple lines for the sub to type.  If multiple lines are chosen it could be set to progress through them in order or at random.  The number of repetitions or time duration can be set to the task.  Penalties can be set for incorrect entries, involving additional lines or additional time added to the duration.

What makes this program very evil are the additional options. 
-Replace the typed text with *'s, making the sub unable to see what they are typing.

-Force them to type the line backwards.  This is especially harsh if used in conjunction with the *'s and if there are lots of switching between capital and lower-case letters.

-Random popups.  This option can be set for varying time intervals.  Within that interval it will cause a random window to pop up on the screen and block text from being entered until the sub clicks a tiny button on the pop up window to close it.  On its most difficult setting the pop up happens every 4-6 seconds.  It can also be set to pop up at fixed or random locations.

The tasks can be easily sent as an email attachment.  They can be locked by password preventing them from being edited.  The sub loads the task into their own copy of the program and works on the task (copy/paste functions do not work with it).

Upon completing (or failing to complete) the task, the sub can generate a report that gives the statistics of time required, lines completed, successful/failed attempts, etc.  It also includes a checksum value that is unique to the available data.  The report has a copy to clipboard function allowing them to paste the report into an email to send it back to the Domme.  The Domme then copies/pastes the report into the program which will verify the report.  If the sub attempts to modify the report in an attempt to cheat, the check will fail. 

Honestly I can't believe someone wrote this program.  On it's most difficult settings it is nearly impossible, especially if there are any penalty lines added.  I've never heard of people actually using it.  That being said, it did turn me on a bit to think about being forced to use it for a punishment.

Just figured I'd throw it out there.


  1. Fur, I have come upon this before as well, and I've seen it mentioned in works of fiction. I do seem to remember Lady Grey mentioning it being used on Karl once, but I may be very mistaken. Whoever the writer was, they had an old metal office desk in the basement with, instead of a chair, a beveled 1X bolted across the front. The sub, whoever he was, had to sit with his weight on that board and type an assignment from the program.

    I agree, it is an erotic idea to think about.



    1. Thank you, r.

      What you are recalling does ring a bell, but I can't remember for certain where it was... it was years ago though.

    2. No, r, it wasn't me. I've never used that particular form of torture called "Fond of Writing". I prefer the writing of songs and poetry which have to be memorized and then recited or sung perfectly....or else. My husband is usually in a corner with weight on his balls or otherwise tied (hog tied is nice for this, as is using him as a footstool or table) while he mentally goes through the process of memorizing and ultimately performing the task. I've also used compositions of prescribed length as punishment. I have had him write numbers backwards at times, the numbers being fully written out such as "one thousand and four" instead of 1004, but I much prefer the former methods I've described because it's more difficult mentally to have to create a poem or a song, then have to have it completely memorized and be able to recite it on demand, perfectly. Have M give it a try.

    3. Thank you for sharing, Lady Grey. I have to say I would dread that experience. It is truly wicked :)

  2. I've seen the writing of lines mentioned a number of time before on blogs. Perhaps I'm missing something of the erotic here, but the whole writing thing seems quite tedious and exactly opposite of erotic. I can see the punishment aspect of it--just spank me and get on with it, without the writing. :-)

    1. It's an odd one, Penney. One of those "the idea of _____ turns me on, but the actual experience of _____ would suck" things, but then again I get turned on by most things that could be described as "a display of power."

    2. I find this program is at its best with subs into humiliation or in behaviour modification; the act of typing the humiliating thing over and over is great for causing me arousal.

    3. Thank you, Anon. That too is part of the allure, especially knowing that it turns her on as well.

  3. I am always looking for a creative way to punish a sub from a distance. Thank you.

    1. You're welcome, Miss Lily. I'm glad this was something new for you.

  4. I have been required to use is an interesting experience. I have a love/hate relationship with it. It IS a useful tool for the dominant.

    There is another program which is not as well known. It is called "Grounded 0.7"

    It runs on PC's including Windows 10. With effort you can track it down, if interested I'd start with looking in the Fond of Writing Yahoo group. I think that group requires moderator approval, but when I last checked it was still functioning.

    Grounded is frustrating in a way similar to FOW but it is also dispiriting. With FOW at least you get a sense of accomplishment if you finish or at least can track your improvment, but with Grounded it is a far more pointless task, which may need to be experienced to really understand.

    I know I really only understood the mental impact once I actually used the program.

    I've copied a description of the program:

    The best way to think of this is "corner time"... but at your computer. In Grounded 0.7, when you have set the parameters, you will have a dull grey screen, and be prompted to click the right button between A, B and C. Once you click this, the mouse is disabled, and you must sit there until the next pop up box appears which could be within a minute, maybe five? And there is a timer requiring you to respond within several seconds or the box disappears. As with FOW times and errors are reported to the dominant.

    If you choose to play with the program, which is emotionally interesting, I strongly encourage you to set the timer for just a one or two minute duration to start. It is so boring yet you are forced to focus.

    I'm not sure if there are rules about posting links to software...I can point you to an active link of this file on mediafire, if you're interested.

    1. Thank you, Watson.

      That does sound dispiriting but in a different way than FOW.

      Lines at least make you feel like you are "working off" the punishment and each completed line brings you closer to that end. With grounded it seems like it would even distract you from stewing in remorse (as with ordinary corner time) by having to remain focused. It seems like more of a pure suffering standpoint.

      Thank you for sharing.

  5. Dominant women who enjoy giving punishment lines, PLEASE consider subjecting me to a contractual regimen! I can be reached at:
    I would be happy to draft a Contract, send it to you for your perusal, and submit to the cruel lines you create! ;-)