Friday, June 24, 2016

fs01 edits coming

Some recent correspondence with a reader of fs01 has confirmed my fears that I have lacked a bit of consistency in adequately communicating fs's feelings in some of the chapters.  A lot of this has to do with the level of privacy I have had while writing as well as the ability to write in one sitting vs. having to stop and pick up later.

Basically, when I haven't been able to write in subspace I am able to paint the images of the events, but not provide enough emotional reaction to connect with some of the submissive readers.  I am currently brainstorming ideas for Arc 6 and will probably be doing the edits to previous chapters as I go.

The edits will likely be small, similar to the 7-10 added thoughts/emotions I put into part 1 after its original posting.  If you are enjoying it as is, there may not be a reason to reread, but I know rewrites are a part of the process of improving.


  1. It is always nice to see your writing process

    1. Thank you, Miss Lily. I always struggle with rewrites and proof reading unless I get outside feedback. Once it's done I feel like a different person and want to move on to the next part. I do know I will need to improve the writings if I want to improve as a writer so any help or feedback in this department is welcome.