Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fiction: fs01 - Part 31

Author's Note:
This takes place an hour or so after Part 30.



I wake abruptly to a boot to the ribs.  My eyes dart open.  The light hurts.  I squint.  It's cold.  Disorienting.  I glimpse Mistress through the bars.  She stands over me in the full-length fur coat she wore earlier.  The lock releases and the cage door opens.  I don't know what time it is.  I don't know what day it is.

"Move to the marks, slave."

I crawl across the room, moving gingerly.  My body is badly bruised.  My wrists and ankles ache from the rub of the shackles.  I kneel at the marks.

"Chain over the hook."

I stand and lift the chain onto the hook.  The motor whirs.  It pulls me up.  My hands throb.  It lifts me a few inches off the floor.  I hear Mistress approach behind me.  Her boots click with each step.  She locks the ankle chain to a ring bolted to the floor.  It stops me from swaying.  I feel broken.

She walks away and I hear the squeaky wheels of a cart approach behind me.

"You've served me adequately today, slave.  You've earned the right to carry my mark."

My mind races.  My body stiffens.  I hear some noise on the cart behind me.  She reaches an arm around carrying a long metal rod with a handle and a flat end.  I recognize it immediately as a brand.  She removes it from view.  I feel a tug at the burlap on my back.  A tearing sound.  The cloth is ripped from my body.  The twine falls loosely to the floor.

Her hand rubs my swollen buttocks.  The left cheek.  I wince beneath her touch.

"This spot should work nicely."  She pats her hand.

Another device comes into view.  A butane torch.  She sparks the flame and I hear it gently roar.  She kills the flame as she moves it behind me.  The brand clanks off the table.  The torch roars again.  On and on.

My breathing is erratic.  My cold skin manages to sweat.  I've known this pain before.  I'm helpless to stop her.  My fingers twitch.  I close my eyes.  The smell of burning ozone overwhelms her perfume.  Tears well up in anticipation.

The torch stops.

"Any last words before you're marked as mine, slave?"

I sniffle and whimper.

"Thank you, Mistress.  I love you."

The brand finds my skin.  It burns on my swollen skin.  I shriek and buck against the pain.  I cry.  The brand moves off my skin.  My leg twitches.  I hear it clatter against the floor.

A crash.  The cart squeals and clatters.  The ankle shackles release.  The pace is torrid and frantic.  She appears before me.  She reaches up and unlocks the first wrist shackle.  It releases and I fall to the ground, stumbling as I land.  Her arm catches me.  She throws her arms around me and her body against mine.  She takes my head in her hands.  Our eyes meet.  Her eyes are full of tears.  Her lips attack mine.  Her tongues forces my mouth open.  A deep kiss.  She breathes heavily through her nose.  Our tongues twist.  She consumes me.

Our lips finally part.  She unlocks the other shackle and throws it to the floor.  The nipple clamps release and fly across the room.  The metal collar on my neck opens and soon joins them.  The front plate on my belt opens.  She carefully slides it off my tender sex.  It clangs on the floor.   Mistress embraces me with her whole body.  I sink into the fur.  It feels nice after a long day of torture.  She pulls my face to her chest.  I inhale her perfume.  My cheeks feel the contours of her bosom.  Her hand strokes my head.  My sex springs to life and presses against her.

She whispers in my ear.


I collapse to my knees.  She folds her body over mine.

"My pet..."

I cry into her shoulder.  She pets my back with her sleeve.

"I love you, pet."

We share this moment.  I love her with all my heart.  She has returned to me.  My Mistress. My Queen.  My Goddess.

My breathing returns to normal.  She takes deep breaths, exhaling her warmth onto my shoulder.

"pet, I need to feel your lips."

She lowers herself and lays on her back on the floor.  She parts the coat below her waist.  I crawl forward into the opening.  Her scent is strong.  Mistress aches.  I gently kiss her inner thighs.  I place my hands on her sides.  She grabs my wrists and pulls my hands onto her breasts.  I trace out the humps and massage them through the fur coat.  My lips find her clit.  She moans.  Her hands hold mine in place.

I flatten my tongue against her clit.  Her back arches and she raises her hips to meet my face.  I suck gently with my lips.  I lick.  I press. Circles. She moans.  I don't tease her.  That would ruin the mood.  My tongue swirls in the motions I have been trained to know.  This is the way she likes it.  I breathe deeply and inhale her scent.  My Mistress.

I move it faster.  More suction.  More pressure.  Flatter, harder.  Around and around.  Across. Back and forth.  She presses her thighs around my head. Her heels find my back.  It's not intentional but they aren't gentle.  More tongue.  Faster, harder.  Lick.  Press.  Her hips grind against my face.  Her thighs tighten their grip.

"Oh, fuck, pet..."

She grinds harder.  I keep moving.  My tongue.  Faster, flatter, firmer.  More pressure. Back and forth, up and down.  Circles.  I find the sweet spot.  The perfect angle.  Her thighs quiver against me.  Her breaths, staccato.  She moans and cries out in brief pulses.  Rhythmic.  I force the pressure back and forth back and forth.  She's dripping.  I tighten my grip on her breasts.  Her thighs pull my head tighter.  Back and forth back and forth.  My tongue works.  She inhales in quick pulses.  Her nails dig into my wrists.  She cries out.  Her pelvis spasms, hips shaking against me.  I feel her juices flow down my face.

Mistress releases her grip.  Her thighs.  Her hands.  Our eyes meet.  She smiles.  Her warmth surrounds me.  I love her.

She rolls onto her side and pats her lap.  I curl up against her.  She puts her hand around my waist and pulls me close.  Our naked flesh on flesh.  Her breasts on my back.  I am the little spoon.  Her hand grazes me erect sex.  She pulls the edge of her coat up and throws it over me.  She hugs me from the outside.  Warmth cocoons me.  I close my eyes.  Mistress.

"Yes, Mistress?"
"Did you know I didn't really brand you?"

My eyes dart open.  My body stiffens.  She giggles.

"I had the brand in the deep freezer.  What you felt was just the cold metal.  I'm sure your ass was so swollen that you wouldn't be able to tell the difference in the burn."

I blush.

"Yes, Mistress.?"
"Would you have really been okay with that?  With me branding you?"
"Yes, Mistress.  I wish your mark was the only one I had."

She hugs me.  I feel some moisture on the back of my neck.  She sniffles.

"pet.  I'm going to have you meet with a plastic surgeon I knew in college.  I want you to have your scars and that awful R removed.  Are you okay with that?"
"If that is how you would prefer me, Mistress, that is what I want."
"Of course, pet.  It makes me mad every time I see them.  I only want you covered in scars that I give you!  I still think a big C would look nice on your left butt cheek."

She giggles and rubs my nipples through the front of the coat.  I smile and shudder at the same time.

We lay together for several minutes.  She pets my head and strokes my body through the coat.  I feel her heat building again against my back.

"Let's go upstairs, pet."

I remove myself from her warmth, kneel, and scoop her up in my arms.  She laughs as I lift her.  I walk toward the gate.  She stops me.

"Aren't you forgetting something, pet?"
She points over to the wall.  I groan.  She laughs.  I carry her over to the wall and lower her.  She picks up the front plate to my chastity belt and flips it around in her hands.  I feel relief.  It's the normal one and not the spiked tube.

I carry her up the stairs and to the bedroom.  I gently set her down on the bed.  She removes the anal plug locking bracket from the belt and tosses it across the room.  She takes my erect cock in her hand.  I close my eyes and clench my teeth.  She slaps the head.  I yelp.  Mission accomplished.  She slides my flaccid sex back into the tube and locks the plate in place.

"Draw a bath, pet."

I nod and start the bath tub and return to her.  She stands and raises her arm.  I help her out of her coat and place it on the chair.  I kneel before her and slowly remove her boots.  Her stockings follow.  She smiles down at me.  I love her.  Her stockings follow.  I bow my head and kiss her feet.  First the right foot, then the left.  I hold out my hand and help Mistress to her feet.  I follow her into the bathroom.  She climbs into the tub.  Her naked body is beautiful.

"pet, join me."  I'm shocked.  This is a first.

I slowly climb into the tub next to her.  The water stings upon entry.  My body slowly acclimates.  The tender skin and wounds sting at first but gradually adapt.  I slowly sit down.  She leans her head on my chest.  I reach and stop the water.

"pet.  The slave weekend ends today.  I don't need any more for now."
I smile.  She traces her finger along the ridge of my shoulder.

"How did it make you feel, pet?"
"It was different, Mistress.  I didn't like it."
"Why not, pet?"
"Mistress, normally when I do things I think about how happy I want to make you.  Doing them makes me happy.  Today was different... by mid-day I only thought about being afraid.  Doing them so that you wouldn't hit me. I didn't like that."
"Thank you, pet.  What I guessed was true.  I could choose to 'break you' to another level. Then you would feel happy just being useful.  I don't think I want to do that to you, pet. At least not for now."

My mind spins a bit.  She taps her finger rhythmically on my shoulder as she speaks.

"I.  Like.  You.  Just.  The.   Way.  You.  Are."

She smiles.  I smile.

"yes, pet?"
"Did you like it?"  She takes a deep breath.

"Yes, pet.  I did.  It touched a part of me that I do not spend much time with.  Drunk with power.  I'm guessing this is how Dom must feel most of the time.  It was... liberating... exciting... wonderful."
"Why do you want to end it, Mistress?"
"pet... when I was branding you and your last words... touched my heart.  In that moment I realized that my love for you as a companion was stronger than my love of the moment."

My heart warms at her words.

"I love you, Mistress.  I love you more than anything."
"I love you, too, pet."

She kisses my chest.  We relax together.  The water gradually cools.  I depart first and fetch a towel for Mistress.

I help Mistress from the tub and gently towel her off before giving myself a quick rub down.  The towel stings on my back and legs.  I fetch her robe.  She turns and raises her arm.  I slide her arm into the robe and pull it around her body.  I straighten the collar.  I cinch the belt around her waist.  It's only been a day but I do miss this.  I kneel before her and kiss her feet.  First the right foot, then the left.

Mistress has me sit at her makeup station.  She gently applies ointment to my wounds.  My wrists and ankles are raw and red.  The wounds on my back and buttocks from her whip.

We retreat to the bedroom.  Mistress picks up the white remote from the dresser and presses some buttons.  It beeps a few times.  I feel the heat kick on from the vent.

She sits on the bed and lays on top of the covers.  She pulls the fur throw from the foot of the bed on top of her.  She pats the bed. I climb on next to her.

"I want to spoon, pet."
"But Mistress, the ointment will soil your robe."
"It can be cleaned pet, or I can get a new one.  Come here, now."

I curl up against her under the throw.  I wedge my body close to hers.  I'm exhausted.  I'm sure she is, too.

"pet, is there anything you miss from before we got together?"

I pause to think.  I crack a grin.  Sometimes honesty is funny.

"I miss blow jobs, Mistress."
"pet, I didn't know you were so fond of giving blow jobs."

I furrow my brow.  She laughs.
"I miss getting blow jobs, Mistress."
"Well, pet, maybe on your birthday I can get you a hooker..."

My eyes open wide. She laughs again.

"You're so easy to tease, pet, you know those don't belong in a woman's mouth.  Is there anything else you miss?"
I blush.  She smiles.

"I miss good food, Mistress."

"But pet, slaves don't deserve good food.  You wouldn't trade our dynamic for food would you?"

I shake my head no.

"Maybe on our date night, pet. If you're good I might let you pick something next time.  Name a food you have been craving."

"I miss fried chicken, Mistress."
"Do you have a fondness for the colonel?"
I nod.

She tickles my cheek with her finger and smiles.

"Miss anything else, pet?"
I nod.
"Mistress, I miss being able to tell you that I love you whenever I want to."

She hugs me and whispers in my ear.
"You know pet, I prefer it when you show me.  Actions speak louder than words."

I blush.  I grin from ear to ear.

I whisper back to her.
"Mistress, is there anything that you miss about life before me?"

I feel her shift and she raises her shoulders over me.  Our eyes meet.  I expect her to tease me.  Her eyes radiate her warmth.

"No, pet, I like things just the way they are."

My eyes tear up.  I love you, Mistress.  She returns to her side and hugs me tightly.



  1. I knew you would use one of my ideas in this part and I still didn't see the mind fuck coming :)

    1. I'm glad you liked it, Miss Lily.

  2. Coming off of a slave weekend is interesting. You've done a good job of imagining Mistress's behavior as especially heartwarming toward her erstwhile slave. That is quite accurate, at least for me. There's something terribly touching about having your sub go to that level for you, and it does bring one even closer to someone who bore the pain because of his love for you. It's a very emotional time, just afterwards, and I'm glad you included a dialogue between Mistress and slave where they explored each other's reactions. I like that Mistress hints of further slave sessions, and I really like that the branding didn't actually take place without a verbal consent from slave. Good stuff, fur.

    1. Thank you, Lady Grey. I am glad I was able to get that part right. I tried to draw from the emotional bonding following my most intense experiences and ramping those feelings up a few notches.

      The branding part was odd as I was on the fence if I was going to have it at all, and then whether or not it would be real. I got the idea for using cold from Miss Lily's post on mind fucks.

      It seemed like a good emotional climax to end the intensity with that. fs doesn't say no to it, and that event is able to touch Cassandra's heart deeply.

  3. I know this is going to sound so unlike me...but I wished she had branded him! She owns him, his heart...regardless of which dynamic they are practicing. There is something so primal about branding...the idea of it really turns me on. I'm not saying I would like to experience it, but reading about it is hot. Well done, furcissy!

    1. Thank you, Nora.

      That is interesting that you wanted her to brand him. It would be a little romantic but fs does have some trauma associated with branding from the first arc :)

      Take care.