Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fiction: fs01 - Arc 1 Bonus Chapter - Wine

A bonus chapter based upon a short scene that I couldn't find a spot for in the story.

This would have taken place somewhere between the contract signing and Part 3 .


A bell rings over the intercom.  It's late but Kimmy hasn't put me to bed yet.  The summons surprises me.  They are in her room and it's play time.  This is a first.

I slowly enter her room and present myself cautiously before her.  Mistress stands at the foot of the bed.  She wears a black corset and stockings held up by garters.  A leather harness supports her Reverb** strap on.  It's the Purple one, the largest one she owns.  My hart races.  She's beautiful.  I love her so much.

As I approach I hear sounds.  I recognize them without looking from the countless hours Kimmy spends masturbating in the living room.   A buzzing sounds accompanies them.  My eyes only see Mistress.

"Have a look, pet, see what you are missing out on."  She surprises me addressing me as pet.  Since Kimmy's arrival Mistress has reserved its use for our nightly talks following my punishment or on Sundays.  My punishment finished hours ago.

I glance toward the bed.  Kimmy is spread out, her wrists and ankles tied to each bedpost by pantyhose.  She sprawls around, tugging at her bonds.  Her moans stagger.  Kimmy is naked on the lower half of her body.  There's a vibrator inside of her held in place by another pair of pantyhose carefully tied through her legs and around her waist.  She wears an extremely tight pink T-shirt with "Juicy" written on the front.  Kimmy's eyes are covered by a fur scarf wrapped around her head.  A pair of fur earmuffs cover her ears.  If I know Mistress, there's probably earplugs underneath.  She likes using sensory deprivation to heighten the other feelings and leave a sub with only their own breathing and voice.

Kimmy squirms and moans.

"Jealous, pet?"  She turns my head back to her.  Our eyes meet.
 Do you wish that was you there?"  I blush.  My sex strains against the belt.

She rubs the front metal plate of the chastity belt.
"Oh, but how could that be you, pet?  I suppose I could tie a vibrator in your ass and watch you squirm around, but it's not as fun to watch if you're laying face down."

I feel a twitch of fear and my body stiffens.  Mistress smiles, accomplishing her mission.

"Fetch me a glass of wine, pet.  Preferably a red."  I would normally ask Mistress if she wants just 1 glass or the bottle but the gag prevents me.  I guess glass.

I leave and return with the glass of wine on a silver tray.  Mistress bends her leg and puts her foot on the bed, leaning on it.  She picks up the glass, takes a sip, and returns it to the tray.  I am happy being allowed near her.  I gladly act as her table.

"I wanted you to bring the bottle, pet, not just 1 glass.  If you weren't sure, you should have asked.  You'll be punished for this tomorrow."

I make a muffled sound below the gag.  My disappointment is clear.  I hang my head and look at the ground.  I have the undeniable feeling that if I had brought the bottle Mistress would have said she just wanted a glass.

Out of the corner of my eye I notice Mistress's hand on the Reverb.  She strokes and gyrates it.  I imagine what it's doing inside of her.  She releases a low moan.  Longing fills my heart.  My sex tries again but to no avail against its metal prison.

Mistress takes another sip of wine.  She stroking faster now.  Her lips part.  She breathes faster.  I'm entranced.  I need her.  I love her.  My Queen.  My Goddess.

Her eyes meet mine.

"Naughty pet, when did I give you permission to watch me cum?"
I look at the floor.  I feel ashamed.  I know I will be punished for this as well.

Mistress strokes if faster.  I close my eyes.  She's in view no matter where I look.  I hear her fingers slide across the side ridges of the Reverb.  She moans.  She starts to talk.  Her words staccato with her uneven breathing interrupted by moans.

"Don't you think it's funny, pet?  sub girls are either pain sluts or want to cum all the time.  I think Kimmy's had over 40 orgasms today.  Sissy maids don't get to cum at all, they stay locked up."

My sex twitches.  Denied.  Mistress strokes at a violent pace.  I know her signs, she is close.

"Isn't that unfair, pet?  Does it make you wish you were a real girl?"  I blush.
"Of course not, you know better, pet.  You're just a lowly slave.  You should feel lucky that I permit you 1 orgasm per year."

I can hear the friction of Mistress's motions.  Her hand moves very fast.  Her breathing matches the pace, almost panting.

"You know, pet... you really should have paid more attention at the contract signing."  She's laughing between moans. She's holding back.
"Theresa said there were only 2 rules protecting you.  30 minutes a day and 2 hours a week with me.  Did she mention anything about your yearly orgasm being guaranteed?"

My eyes burst open.  How could I have forgotten?  Fear.

"We had a page ready to add to the contract if you brought it up, but Theresa got you all excited talking about those laws.  You have no one to blame but you, pet."  Mistress laughs and moans at the same time.  I half expect milk to shoot out of her nose.

"Wouldn't that be funny if I took it away, pet?"  My face turns bright red.  I'm ashamed at my lack of attention to detail.  I was distracted.  I frown.

"You're so cute when you look defeated, pet!"  She cums.  I watch her spine arch and bounce.

Mistress regains her composure.  I want so badly to touch her.

"Take the wine glass and wash it and wait in your cage for Kimmy to put you to bed, pet.  The batteries should wear out soon and she'll be pissed if you're here.  By the way, I know you were watching."  I blush and look at the floor.

I follow her orders and go down to the basement dungeon.  I crawl into the cage and lay down.  I feel a little used.  I don't mind.  Mistress knew she would have a better orgasm if she teased me.  I love her.  My Queen.  My Goddess.


**A fictitious dildo similar to a Feeldoe or Share.  This one is silicon with improved angles and an internal carbon fiber shaft that is curved in such a way that when more pressure is applied to the external head or shaft, more pressure is applied to the internal head.  It can be used strapless or with a harness.  Mistress prefers to use a harness so she can have more leverage.  This first appeared in Part 3.


  1. I love it !!! Thank you for writing!!!

  2. If fs's yearly orgasm is more important than being with his Mistress, fs can get of contract because of these 2 rules: "30 minutes a day and 2 hours a week with Mistress". I think rules are broken while Mistress is on vacation.

    I like your blog. I wish I have found it sooner.

    1. Thank you, t22.

      I had to read it again to double check, but if you check the bonus chapter on the contract it includes the language "while Mistress is present as the primary supervisor," or something along those lines. When Cassandra is out of town, someone like Theresa, Lisa, or Kimmy would hold the position of primary supervisor, keeping those rules intact :)

      I tried to be thorough in covering bases.

      Take care.

  3. Nice chapter. It enhances one's view of Cassandra's teasing proclivities as well as her sadistic side. I especially like fs knowing that he'll be punished for ....well, just about any little thing at all. My husband could relate:)

    1. Thank you, Lady Grey. This chapter was by biggest injection of "personal fantasy" out of everything I have written so far.

  4. Yep, that just about does it for me. :)

    I don't care if I cum, but as soon as he says I can't...it's totally unfair and I want to. Once a year or none at all would definitely put me in an interesting spot.

    1. Thank you, Misty.

      I tend to have similar feelings on it. I am okay without until it is announced that I am being denied :)

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    1. :)

      You may recognize this scene from some comments I left on your blog last week.

      Take care.