Saturday, June 4, 2016

Fiction: fs01 - Part 14

Author's Note:  This takes place shortly after Part 13.


I sleep very little that night.  The strap on wedged inside me throbs.  The bruising of my rear throbs.  The pillow case makes it hard to breathe.  My body aches.  My heart aches.  Mistress.  I love you.

Some noises startle me.  I fight against my bonds.  No use.

"Oh my God, fur!  What happened?"
It's Theresa.  She's here to save me.  The pillow case slides off my head.

"This is going to hurt, fur."  I shout in pain as she rips the tape off.  I feel some hands on my legs.

"fur sissy, please relax as much as you can."

It's B.  I force my body to calm.  I feel a pull.  I yell as it slides out.  It fades out as my tears fade in.

"fur, who did this to you?"  asks Theresa.
"Brianna..." I mumble.  I'm exhausted.  I hurt everywhere.
"She was here?"
"She was here when I got back.  She saw me dressed and told me if I didn't..."
"Where are the keys, fur?"
"I don't know."

They tear apart the room.  I hear clattering and rustling.  Everything gets moved.

"I can't find the keys.  Are the bolt cutters in the garage?"
"Yes, but they're locked in a locker... needs a key."
"That bitch."

Theresa picks up her phone.  B rubs lotion on my sore bottom and begins massaging my muscles.

I hear the phone dial out on speaker.
"Brianna?  Where are you?  What did you do?  I need you to get over here right now."
"Christ, Theresa, calm the fuck down.  I was just leaving my hotel and was on my way there."

The phone clicks.  We spend the next few minutes in silence.  B lays on the bed with me, her arm over my back.  Theresa sits near the head of the bed, her hand on my head.

The doorbell rings and the door opens.  Footsteps.  Brianna enters the room.

"Where's the fire, Theresa?"
"The keys.  Where are they?"
"Straight to the point, as always."

She retrieves the keys from her pocket and throws them to Theresa.  Theresa catches them and begins working on the locks.  She releases the chain and then goes directly for the locking buckle.

"So Cass locks him into that fag suit?  Cute.  So what did he tell you?"
"He hasn't told us anything."
"Oh, good boy."  Her sarcasm rings through clear as day.  When the locks are removed B helps me out of the dress and harness.
"Who's the midget?"
"That's B."
"B? Were A, C, and D taken?"

B stomps over to her and shoves her waist.  Brianna barely moves.
"Is it okay to have kids around all these sex toys?"
"SHUT UP!" B shouts.  I've never seen her this mad.
"Sorry, little girl, I barely noticed you."
"I belong to Mistress Theresa!"
"Mistress Theresa?  I never pictured you as a pervert.  A dyke and a pedophile too?  With Cass's taste in men, I guess it makes sense she has bad taste in friends, too."
"SHUT UP!" B shouts again.  Tears stream down her face.  "I'm 29!"
"At 29 I think you'd have learned some manners by now, little girl.  I guess being Theresa's bitch toy must be taking its toll."

"B, stop."  Theresa finally speaks.  B retreats to her side and grabs her suit coat.

I'm quaking with anger but I'm afraid to speak.  Theresa is angry too, she hides it better than most.

"fag boy, what's that on your back?"  I freeze.  She sees the scars.  Brianna walks toward the bed.  I cross my arms over my chest.  I can sense her eyes tracing me up and down. I spend most of my days feeling self-conscious but this feels awful.

"Did Cass do this to you?"
"No, Ma'am."
"How did you get them?"  I remain silent.
"How did you get them?"

B shouts, "Leave him alone!  He got kidnapped by a mean lady and she tortured him."
"Kidnapped by a lady?  Are you some kind of pussy?  Never mind, I already know the answer to that."
B continues, "You're terrible.  If you spent 1 day with him, just 1 day, you'd understand."
"Is that a challenge?"
"B, calm down.  Brianna, back off," Theresa attempts to defuse the situation.
"Oh, I'm perfectly calm, Theresa.  Your pet midget has a lot of heart.  What is the challenge little girl?"  B bites her lip.
"Spend 1 day with him.  Do anything you want except hurt him."
"It will have to be tomorrow.  I'm going to stop by the hospital and then I'm meeting some old friends for dinner and drinks.  Have him ready in his fag suit first thing tomorrow.  I'll be expecting the full treatment."  
Brianna leans forward and whispers in my ear.
"I'll bet that sissy little ass cunt of yours isn't so tight anymore, is it?"  I cringe and shed a tear.

Brianna departs the room, leaving us behind.

The rest of the day drags.  I'm a ghost.  Theresa and B do their best to comfort me.  Theresa has been busy on the phone, managing the shop and Mistress's affairs.

"fur, I have to go to the shop tomorrow.  I will have Lisa and B here to chaperone and make sure Brianna doesn't go too far.  Is that okay?"
"Yes, Miss Theresa.  Thank you so much."  I cry.
"What's wrong, fur?"
"She's never going to let me see Mistress.  I miss her."
"fur, just be yourself.  There was a time when I felt similar to her.  You were a large part of changing that.  Believe in yourself and your love."
"Thank you, Miss Theresa."

They spend the night, sleeping in Mistress's bed.  I lay on the bearskin rug next to the bed.  I can't sleep so I think instead. I can sense how much closer they have grown to each other.  I believe Theresa can no longer resist B's natural charms.  I press Mistress's robe to my face and smell it.  Tears well up.  I miss her.  I love her.  My Mistress.  Please come back to me.  I doze off with these thoughts in my heart.

Morning arrives early.  I'm instructed to groom as if I was grooming for Mistress.  When I finish, B helps me into my uniform.  She's familiar with the straps and buckles from the first time we met her.  Lisa arrives soon after.  I haven't seen her in weeks.  She hugs me and comforts me.  This has been hard on her as well.  Lisa is aware of what is going on.

I prepare them breakfast.  Lisa instructs me to make an egg and 2 pieces of toast with butter for myself.  Theresa adds to prepare the same for B.  I serve their food at the table.  B joins me and we eat next to them, on the floor.  I wonder if this company would be possible if Mistress were here.  Mistress.  I miss you. 

After breakfast I do the dishes and Theresa departs for work.  Shortly after, the doorbell rings.  I move to answer it.  Lisa and B accompany me.

Brianna is already standing inside when I arrive.  She stands with her hands on her hips.  I approach her and bow.

"So I'm here for the 'full treatment.'  What do I do now?" she asks.  Lisa steps in.
"Allow him to remove your coat and shoes.  Tell him if you would like a guest robe and slippers."
"You must be the assistant.  Are you a pervert too?  I'll bet Cass likes to take you with a strap on and leave it in you, or is that just a stick up your butt?"

Lisa looks furious.  Her teeth clench.  She fights the urges.
"Don't you ever insult Miss Cassandra in that way."
"'Miss Cassandra?' That answers my question.  Fag boy, take my coat and shoes.  I'll take a guest robe and slippers as well."  I nod and help her out of her coat.  I hang it in the closet.  I kneel and remove her show.  She kicks me in the cheek with her bare foot.  My eye waters.  It hurts. 

"Touch my skin again and you'll get another."
I carefully remove her other shoe and place them neatly in the closet.  I help her into a guest robe.  I'm very careful with the slippers not to touch her.

Brianna points at B, who almost has steam coming out of her ears.
"Little girl, fetch some lengths of chain and some locks."  Brianna holds out her hands indicating her desired length.

We reconvene in the living room.  Lisa and Brianna sit on opposite corners of the couch.  B sits on the love seat by herself with her hands on her knees.  Brianna waves her hand at me.  I approach.

She connects my wrists together with a 12 inch chain running through the ring on my belt.  This isn't the first time I've experienced this.  I hate only being able to extend one arm at a time.  A 12 inch chain connects my ankles.  This will be a long day.

"So now what do I do?" Brianna asks in Lisa's direction.
"Relax and allow yourself to be pampered.  If you want anything, order him to do it.  He won't speak unless you order him to."

Her eyes pierce mine.  Her words are cold and emotionless.
"Impress me today, boy, or I will make sure you will NOT see Cassandra.  Coffee.  2 creams 2 sugars.  Now."

I bow and scurry from the room.  The chains make things difficult.  Every step is tiny and I have to worry about tripping.  I plan every action beforehand with my hands.  I return to the room.  With great care I hold up a silver tray with her coffee.  This is difficult.  I will see you, Mistress.

Brianna drinks and uses the tray as her coffee table.   She sighs.

"I'm bored.  What kind of pampering?"
"You could order him to give you a foot rub."
"fag, give me a foot rub."

I nod and carefully set the tray upon the actual coffee table.  Kneeling with such a short chain is difficult.  I crouch with my legs spread as far as they will go.  I brace for what I know will hurt.  I rock forward and slam down on my knees.  I clench my teeth to weather the pain in my knee caps. I shuffle closer to Brianna.  She holds out her foot.  I lean my torso and extend my chained hands as far as they will go.

Pain.  Brianna's kick lands squarely on my cheek.  She takes her other leg and shoves my shoulder back.  I lose balance and topple backward landing with a crash.
"You really aren't very bright, are you?  Like I'd ever let a pervert like you touch me.  I'm sure you jerk off all the time thinking about feet."

I struggle back onto my knees.  This takes a few tries.

"I've changed my mind.  I'd like to read.  Be a dear and fetch that book from the top shelf.  The one with the red binding."

My head swivels to the bookcase that is embedded in the wall.  The top shelf is high.  She can't even read the bindings from there.  I nod and struggle to my feet.  Several hops and topples later I'm standing at the book case.  I slide a chair to the bookcase and get onto it my knees.  My hands grab its back and I press myself up.  With my arm fully extended I'm still at least a foot under the red book.

I begin to pull the larger hardcover books from the lower shelves.  I eye them up and climb down.  I stack the books evenly one by one.

"fur, you don't have to do this."  It's Lisa.  She is kind.
"fur? You call him fur?"
"fur sissy, it's our nickname for him since he normally goes by 'fs.'"

Brianna bursts into laughter.
"fur sissy!  That's terrific.  Such a fitting name for a cock sucker."
Her laughs continue to cut me.  If Dominique's laughs are scary and maniacal cries of pleasure, Brianna's are hurtful and made from pure malice. 

I attempt to scale the mountain of books on the chair.  I piled them too high.  The chair wobbles as I try to lift myself.  Hope.  I manage to pull my feet up.  I plant my feet and begin to rise.  I feel the book slide.

The room spins as I fall.  My chin hits the chair back.  I feel my ribs on the arm.  Stars.  I'm on my back on the floor.  B kneels next to me.
"fur! Are you okay?" Lisa doesn't hide her concern.

A voice cuts through me.
"Oh no, poor 'fur sissy' fell down.  I'm still waiting for my book.  I thought you were obedient."

B talks in quiet gentle voice.  "You don't have to do this."
Our eyes meet.  I shake my head.  I am determined.  I want to be with Mistress.  I turn over, straighten the chair, and begin to rebuild the stack of toppled books.  I do it better this time, thinking about the friction of the covers and their mass.

I make another ascent.  I plant my feet and rise.  The chair starts to wobble.  B braces it with her hands.

"Bitch toy.  He's a big boy, let him do it himself."

B releases the chair and stares daggers at Brianna.   I'm a few inches short.  I shift one foot onto the chair's arm and stretch with my entire body.  The chair shakes.  Almost there.  Almost there.  I press the adjacent books deeper in order to grasp it.  My fingers close tightly.

The chair falls out from under me.  I yank the book and fall after it.  I land awkwardly on my back across the front of the seat.  My legs are numb.  It hurts.  The book is mine.  Mistress.  Feeling slowly returns to my body.  I throb in pain.

"fur!  Why are you doing this?"
"Isn't it obvious, Lisa?  He's a pathetic loser who can only get bossed around by women."
"You're holding this over him!  He's willing to sacrifice everything just to see Miss Cassandra.  You're making him suffer and hurt to do this."
"It's his choice, isn't it?"

Lisa quiets down.  She can't argue with that.

B lifts my head.  She has tears in her eyes.  I smile at her.  She helps me up off the heap of books.  I turn onto my knees and crawl toward the couch.  I present the book to her. 

"I just wanted to read what the title was.  You can put it back now.  And clean up the rest of the mess."

B's voice fills the air. 

"You're awful!  Your heart is ugly and twisted!  You're a terrible bitch and I want you to burn in hell!"
She's crying.

"That's quite a mouth you have on you, little girl.  Maybe Theresa should wash your mouth out with soap.  Your manners are terrible.  You have a long way to go before you can be just like your pathetic little idol 'fur sissy.'"
"SHUT UP!  He has more love in his toenail than you do in your entire body!"

Brianna's expression changes.
"Love?  You want to talk to me about love?  I love men.  This pathetic sack of shit is not a man.  My husband is a man and I love him.  Men have to take charge and take a woman.  This little display is a pathetic insult to love.  This might be his own little version of love, but no one will ever love him."

"Oh, did I touch a nerve, little girl?  I forgot that you do these same pathetic attempts for that dyke, Theresa."
"SHUT UP!"  B wails.

"I was going to put little 'fur sissy' through a whole day of this and then let him see 'his beloved Mistress,' but I've changed my mind.  She might really die, so it would be too cruel of me to deny him completely.  I'll let him see her, but..."

My heart rises.

"He'll do so wearing his little fag suit.  And you little miss bitch, will be with him.  You can lead him through the hospital on a leash while wearing a leather cat suit and boots.  If you won't do that, then she'll just die alone, without him.  Those are my conditions."
"You really are a terrible person, Brianna," says Lisa.

I exhale.  I'm hit with a mix of relief and fear.  B cries harder.
"Do you have one of those, little bitch?"  B shakes her head no.
"Well then little 'fur sissy' is just out of luck, isn't he?"
"She'll have one by Friday, Brianna."
"Then Friday it is.  I'll be waiting at the hospital.  I want to watch.  If you don't do this, he'll never get through the door of her room."

Brianna stands from the couch.
"This has bored me.  I'll be leaving now."  She exits the room and a few moments later we hear the front door.

I shuffle on my knees over to B.  I try to embrace her by my hands won't reach.  She throws her arms around my neck and cries.

A few minutes later Lisa removes the locks and frees me from my uniform.  Lisa spends the next hour making phone calls.  B's cat suit will be ready by Friday.

My body is bruised and aching.  Lisa and B watch over me.  They are kind.  Friday. Mistress.  I love you.  My Queen.  My Goddess. 



  1. This is awful!!

    I mean, your writing is great, but.... Talk about a rock and a hard spot!