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Fiction: fs01 - Part 8

Author's Notes:
This will be the final chapter in the story progression.  I have a few ideas for "bonus chapters" that I wanted to write but didn't quite fit in with the flow of things.  I apologize for regurgitating part of this from a different blog entry.  I just think I wrote it better the first time so I made it work in this style.

Thank you everyone for reading and for the helpful comments.

For an easier to read set of links to the chapters:


On the car ride home, I tell the story to Mistress.  Everything that happened.  Miss Dominique listens in on speaker phone.  She deserves to hear it too.  I recall every event in detail as best I can.  Mistress keeps crying but she smiles every time I say her name in the story.

I talk about the car ride.  Being tied up in the van.  Being cut out of my uniform.  The chastity belt being sealed.  The whippings.  My refusal to submit.  The beating to my feet.  3's abuse when I spoke out of turn.  My night in the cage.  Being branded.  My happiness at seeing Mistress's face.  I tell her that doubt entered my mind but I never gave up believing in her.  I refused to break.  I would never do that to my Mistress.  She is my Queen.  My Goddess.  The love of my life.

At home Sammy and Gordon carry me inside.  The massage table arrives and they place me on it.  The doctor arrives and checks me over.  She dresses my wounds and tells the others where I need ice.  She prescribes pain killers.  Lisa picks them up.  Mistress feeds me grapes and pieces of a sliced apple.  I feel guilty.  It's not supposed to be this way.

Theresa chews me out like she's reading my thoughts.  I smile.  She reminds me that I have more important things to worry about.

The doctor tells them I have to stay off my feet for a month.  Damage to the fascia from the beating.

Mistress tells me I should have just given in and submitted right away.
Dominique, Theresa, and Lisa speak in unison, "You know he'd never do that."
We all laugh.

Mistress takes the month off of work to be with me every day.  I think that the fear of losing me pushed her to want this.  My body is covered in scars that will never go away.  When I see them it reminds me of just how much I love Mistress and that I never want to leave her side.

After my feet heal, Mistress takes me to a local metal worker that crafts BDSM gear.  He carefully cuts off the collar and belt without hurting me.  The process isn't easy.  It takes half the day.  Mistress tells him my story while he works.  He refuses her payment at the end.

That night Mistress throws a party for everyone who helped retrieve me.  Theresa, Lisa, Dominique, Mistress, and even Sammy and Gordon.

I speak to them one at a time.  I want to thank them personally.

Theresa tells me she has been doing a lot of reading and has started searching for subs.  She wants to find her unicorn.  I thank her for being there for Mistress, for being there for me, and that I am happy she is a part of our life.  I tell her I like watching her flirt with Sammy and Gordon.  She blushes.

Lisa tells me that her and her husband have been doing Femdom roleplay in the bedroom.  She's having fun and blames me for "corrupting her."  Mistress offered her a promotion to a department head but she refused, stating she likes being her assistant.  I thank her for being there for me when I needed her and that it makes me happy that Mistress can count on her when she needs her.

Dominique tells me about her quest to destroy Kimmy.  She rubs herself when she gets to the 'good parts.'  Never piss off a scary woman that has a lot of money.  I do really see her differently now.  While she's an unrepentant sadist, she shows extreme loyalty to her friends and the people she respects.  She still teases me a lot, but I've grown to like it.  I thank her for being who she is.  I tell her that she is a good person, but she scoffs and denies it.

Mistress really has good friends.  I've come to think of them as my friends, too.  Later on we present them as gifts.  In my downtime I did some designing myself.  What Kimmy did for sissy maids, Mistress had me do for Dommes.  A fur-lined leather teddy/bustier with fur trim at the cleavage, and a removable crotch plate for when they want to feel the fur or have their sex exposed.  A leather long-sleeve bolero jacket with fur at the collar and cuffs, complete with a matching fur headband and finger-less gloves.

I present one set to each of them.  Red for Dominique.  Purple for Lisa.  Gray for Theresa.  Mistress opens her robe to reveal a black one.  They all change and take a group photo that will never see the light of day... except it managed to end up as my desktop background image on my computer.

For Sammy and Gordon, they each receive a pair of fur-lined thong sissy panties with a fur-lined penis sleeve.  Dominique laughs her ass off.

In return, they present a gift to me.  A new maid's dress, dark pink and light pink, full exposure hem, with the matching boots, stockings, hat, and harness.  This one features a "pleasure lining" of a soft sheared fur.  They lock me in and Mistress includes another pair of panties.  I hang my head in shame while my face blushes.  A second group photo is taken that I hope to God will never see the light of day.  It managed to be the desktop background image on their computers.

It feels good to know that you impact the lives of others.  I don't think that's possible without genuine care and concern, and having an open heart.

That night Mistress tells me I will be sleeping in her bed tonight.  It's been over a year since the last time.

Mistress pushes me onto the bed and pulls off my panties.  She secures my limbs to each bedposts with a  lock and chain.  She opens her robe and straddles me.  My sex throbs for her.
"Mistress, I love you.  You are so beautiful.  Please keep me by your side forever."
She smiles and touches her fingers to my lips.
"Speech privileges removed."

My eyes speak.  They love her.  They long for her.  They lust for her.  She removes the crotch plate from her teddy and holds it near my nose.  Her scent is beautiful, she intoxicates me.  I want her more than anything.

She eases herself onto my cock.  She slides down and stop.  We are as one.  Her heat encases me.  Her muscles flex against the sides of my head.  She reaches out with her hands.  Her thumbs and index fingers each find a nipple.  She pinches and twists.  I moan and grow larger inside of her.  My eyes fade out.  She squeezes and yanks.  I yelp and come back to focus.  She doesn't have to speak.  "Not yet, pet," is as clear as day, even without words.  I look into her eyes.  Our souls connect.  She grinds.  This is what she was waiting for.

Mistress continues to work my nipples and starts into an up and down motion.  I tilt my hips forward in search of her G-spot.  I feel her insides twitch on contact.  She takes a deep breath and lets out a moan.  I lock my hips into that position.  Mistress's vaginal muscles grip harder.  Her pace increases.  I raise my hips to meet her on her down motion.  Our pelvises collide forcing me deeper inside her.  She lets out a gasp.

Up and down, up and down.  I match her pace and our skin makes a thud on contact.  She breathes faster.  Her muscles grip the head of my sex.  Up and down, up and down.  She bounces, send me deeper and deeper inside of her.  Her moans increase, louder, longer.  Her motions shift.  Slow.  Deliberate.  Forceful.  Repeating again and again.  Her muscles twitch around me.  She yanks on my nipples.  A loud moan.  She soaks my crotch.  Her pace slows to a crawl but she keeps grinding.  She exhales through her nose.  She's beautiful.  I never want to leave this view.

I move with her knowing she is feeling tender.  Her fingers reset their grip.  Slowly.  Gradually.  Deeper.  Faster.  I pull my hips up as our skin meets.  I'm chasing her G-spot.  I catch it and she moans.  Faster, faster.  I press harder, deeper.  Her body welcomes me.  I feel it.  Her muscles clamp down tighter.  She changes pace.  Longer.  More deliberate.  I curl my hips even more.  I continue to chase it.  I find it and press.  My body reaches the bed, hers follows.  Her momentum pushes me even deeper.  She cries out.  Her sex spams around mine.  Moans.  She digs in her nails.  I squeal.  She throws her head back.  I watch her back arch away from me.  I feel her ejaculate and she soaks me in her fluids.  I love her.  I want to pleasure her.  My Queen.

She resets her grind.  Slow and gentle.  Faster.  I lift her with my hips.  We fall together.  The bed stops me, she falls and I plunge deeper.  Her mouth opens.  She breathes heavy.  Her fingers continue to pinch and twist.  I look into her eyes.  She looks through me.  She's lost to ecstacy.  I lift her again.  We drop, impaling her G-spot on my sex.  She moans.  It's primal.  She's so hot it almost burns me.  Her muscles clench.  We repeat the motion, over and over.

She crushes my nipples.  Her whole body arches like a wave with each up and down.  Her fingers release.  Her hands find her own body.  She massages her skin with fur through her teddy.  Her breathing intensifies.  Her chest rises and falls.  We continue our up and down.  Every landing I feel her insides.  Deeper.  I touch her G and she cries out.  Over and over.  She's holding back, delaying the inevitable.  Her hands cup her breasts, her fingers massage the fur on her nipples.
"Fuck, pet, fuck, pet, fuck, pe-e-e-et."  Her voice raises in pitch.  This voice is new to me.

We hammer against the bed.  Bouncing in unison.  She comes down a final time.  Her insides grip me.  Her hands find my by and claw across my chest.  A deep cry from her lungs.  Her shoulders pulse.  I feel her muscles twitch around my sex.  Another cry.  She bites her lip and marks me with her juices.  She slows to a stop.  I feel her muscles grip and release, grip and release.  She leans forward, cups her hands around my head and plunges her tongue into my mouth.  Her eyes remain open.  Their fire pierces me.  "Your soul is mine, slave."  They don't need words to tell me what they're saying.

She starts to grind again.  I lift my hips.  She reaches back and slaps them both with her hands.  She starts to bob.  I tilt my hips.  Another slap.  I learn and lay stationary.  This is a different side of Mistress.  She's not holding back.  The change is in her heart... her mind... she's not holding back. This is a different side of Mistress.

Her fingers find my nipples.  She talks as she slides up and down.  I grow larger inside of her.
"My fur sissy is such a little slut.  Your nipples beg to be tortured. But for a chastity boy, that's your only kind of sex isn't it?"
I blush.  I moan.  She speeds her pace into smaller, faster motions. Her muscles focus on the base of the head.  My hands clench into fists.
"My little fur sissy maid, so cute.  Being fucked by his Mistress.  He can't stop me."
I feel her and I blind myself with lust.  My face stays red.  I don't fight it.
"Whimper for me, sissy.  You want this.  You can't say no to me."
She speeds up.  I pant.  My moans break into staccato pulses.  She twists my nipples.   The pitch in my voice raises, "uh, uh, uh, uh."  She echoes back at me, mockingly.
"Uh, uh, uh, uh, go fur sissy, whimper.  I'm not a man anymore, uh, uh, uh.  Fuck my nipples with your fingers, uh, uh, uh.  I'm a slut, uh, uh, uh."
She bobs at a crazy pace.  My whimpers continue.  My face burns.  Her words gouge my psyche.
"My sissy slave.  My little maid locked in furs.  'uh, uh, uh, fuck my nipples.'"  She laughs, it's not a friendly laugh.  Her muscles feel like she's ripping me apart.  Faster, faster.  Harder.  I moan again.  Her fingernails change it like she's tuning a radio.  "uh, uh, uh, uh." They stop at the station she wants to hear.

"Are you close, slave?"
"Yes, Mistress."
"How close?"
"Very close, Mistress."

"I wish I'd known earlier... how much this turns you on..."  She speaks unevenly, her breathing heaves.  "To get fucked like a sissy.  My fur sissy.  All red in the face and cute locked in his furs."

"Cum inside me, pet!"

I release with a cry.  I explode inside of her.  Her insides spasm with me.  She cums and yanks my nipples.  Her cries cover up my whimpers.  She slows to a stop.  She leans and kisses me deeply.  Her eyes are closed this time.  They slowly open and she's back to me.  I tear up.  Tears of joy.  She slides off and lays next to me, her arm on my chest.  She leans her face next to mine.

"Remember when I told you that you'd never be allowed to cum inside me, pet?"
"Yes, Mistress."
"Just... this... once."
She smiles and her lips press against my cheek.
"Pet, your face is burning up."

I clench my eyes shut and feel it burn even more.  She giggles.  Mistress unlocks the chains and pushes me onto my side.  She slides her body up against me and throws her robe over my side.  I am the little spoon.  Her fingers slide over my body, pausing frequently to hug me.  She runs her fingers through the fur.  I feel her breath on my neck.  I love her.  She is my Queen.  My Goddess.  I love her with my entire being.

"Yes, Mistress?"
"I want you to grow your hair out again.  Something just feels wrong with you bald."
"You lost your handles?"  She slaps me gently.
"Brat.  Yes, I lost my handles."

"Yes, Mistress?"
"I'm sorry so many things bad things have happened to you because of the choices I've made."
"Don't be sorry, Mistress.  You are my first and I am your first.  We both learn and grow together.  We're never sure until we try it.  I love that you are willing to try.  Besides, they were all my fantasies weren't they?"
"Oh, pet."
"Yes, pet?"
"I just want to make you proud of me. I want to prove my devotion and love to you."
"I'm always proud, pet.  You prove those again and again.  I never doubt you.  And besides, I think there are still a couple of fantasies left."

"Yes, pet?"
"Do I still have to wear the sissy maid uniform?"
"Yes, pet.  I like seeing you in it and it's in the contract."

"Yes, pet?"
"I'm glad I don't have to wear the chastity belt anymore."
"Who said anything about not wearing one anymore?  The new one arrives tomorrow and... it's in the contract."

"Yes, pet?"
"Can I have a name back instead of fs01?"
"No pet, it's in the contract.  If you prefer I'll start calling you 'fur sissy' like the other girls."
I blush.

"Yes, pet?"
"How long is the contract again?"
"15 years."
"Can we make it 50?"
"Yes, pet.  I'll have T work on it."

"Yes, pet?"
"Will you marry me?  I want to be with you forever."
"Yes, pet.  I want to be with you forever, too.  Speech privileges removed."

I take her hand and kiss it.  She holds me tight.


fs's original "fantasies" that he wrote for Mistress as an assignment.  In no particular order.

1.  Serving 1 Domme + territorial sub. (Part 2)
2.  Lesbian cuckold. (Part 2)
3.  Extensive chastity. (Part 2)
4.  Nearly inescapable contract.  (Part 1)
5.  Forced feminization. (Part 2)
6.  Being "revealed" to her friends. (Part 3, 4, 6)
7.  Public humiliation / display.  (Part 3, Bonus Chapter A)
8.  Being given to a wicked sadist. (Part 5)
9.  Being pegged. (Part 3)
10.  Being turned into a slave. (Part 2)
11.  Extreme speech and behavioral restrictions.  (Most parts)
12.  Being beaten until collapse. (Part 5, 8)
13.  Being forced to sleep in chains (Part 2, 3, 4)
14.  Being conditioned to experience mental/emotional agony at failing to obey rules. (Most parts)
15.  Being conditioned to only be able to orgasm on command.  (Part 1, 8)
16.  Being turned into a maid. (Part 2)
17.  Following a set of rituals in behaviors to the Mistress.  (Most parts)
18.  Being loaned or rented out to another Domme. (Part 5)
19.  Public humiliation with intimate interaction with multiple women. (Bonus Chapter)
20.  Being sold. (Part 7)
21.  Serving 2 Dommes  (Didn't happen)
22.  Being forced to sleep in a cage (Part 2, 8)
23.  Being kidnapped (Part 7)
24.  Being beaten to unconsciousness (Part 5, 8)
25.  Being part of a stable of slaves (Part 7, 8)
26.  Permanent chastity (Part 7)
27.  Being milked (Part 3)
28.  Being branded (Part 7)
29.  Attempt at being broken and resisting it (Part 7)
30.  A permanent collar (Part 7)
31.  Being used as a "human dildo" (Part 5)


  1. It is nice to see chapter 8 end very similiar to the way chapter 1 began.
    Both scenes showing the devoted sub willing to sign contracts with a Domme who loves him. I also notice that fs01 feels happiest both in the beginning and the end. I do see a relation to his happiness and where Misstress spends her time and attention.

    I can't help but agree with an earlier comment made by Lady Grey pointing out a continuing theme of "Be careful what you ask for". I feel that this theme applies to both fs and Mistress. As fs spends more time with Kimmy (whom is hated by me, and maybe fs also) his fantasies seem to give him less pleasure. Mistress experiences multiple backfires resulting in suffering for fs. By allowing fs to live his fantasies she gave up the very control that once kept him safe. Hopefully the loving Mistress Cassandra will learn to say no and keep her precious unicorn safe.

    1. Thank you, Miss Lily. The "circle of warmth" was my intention once I had figured out a direction. One thing I've noticed in my own experiences is that the more deeply a sub gets pressed into subspace over extended periods, the easier it is for him to cope. A very basic example is being beaten "unfairly." If the nature of "fair" D/s is being beaten reasonably for a punishment, a sub deeply immersed will be able to justify the "unfair" punishment in other ways: it brings her pleasure, it reinforces her dominance, it reinforces the lesson, I deserve it anyways, etc.

      One of the large factors I had in mind while writing was shifting that level of subspace depending upon the situations. The deeper the subspace, the simpler the desires. When he's at a "human" level, there is the desire for contact, time together, displays of love, promises, etc. as a source of happiness. When he's pushed to a "slave" level, the other desires are still present, but minimized in comparison to the simpler desires to please her, see her smile, and so on. These too provide him with happiness and his brain can "justify" anything else that is missing.

      When I wrote Dominique into Part 3, I made notes of the events that would happen from Parts 3 through 8 (plus a yet to be written bonus chapter). The idea was that everything except Part 7 was by design and planned by Cassandra as a way to explore new dynamics for the relationship: to see how deep his subspace could go and to see how his role/status changes would mesh with her Domspace.

      In the end, he doesn't blame her for any of it, and the entire process deepens his love. While she does blame herself for Part 7, it too deepens her love for him. I felt Part 7 was necessary to facilitate the ending. If they had been together for 4 years and it was as serious as it was, there had to be a reason that she had never chosen to marry him (e.g. not believing in marriage, not wanting to get married, etc.). Parts 7-8 provided the catalyst to melt that final barrier Cassandra had held. It may have seemed extreme, but hard times often lead to us thinking about things in ways we had never considered before.

      I hope this makes sense.

      Take care.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Misty. That means a lot to me.

  3. I love that this story has a happy ending...the classic femdom story of slave meets love of his life, creepy disturbed female sub sells slave out of jealousy, Mistress rescues slave and they live happily ever after. That was supposed to be funny, and absolutely in no way a critique. I truly enjoyed this series, furcissy. You are an incredible writer. Thank you for keeping me on the edge of my chair, ripping my heart out, making me cry real tears, and now making me beam with happiness by the are talented, my friend!

    1. Thank you, Nora.

      When I started writing I had no idea how far I would take it, let alone continuing beyond the first arc. I am very happy that you enjoyed it.

      I had originally envisioned this as a comic but it was soon clear that my artistic abilities would be nowhere near sufficient so I turned to words. In a lot of the media I expose myself to I enjoy the gut-wrenching endings but I wanted what I created to feel a bit better than that.

      Take care.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, Nora. You are making me blush.