Friday, June 3, 2016

I am attempting to be more social or something...

Juat throwing this out there but recently I've beem trying to reintegrate a bit more into the web again. I feel really old.  Everything is massively different from how things used to be.  The old standards are now like having a personal pager in the cell phone era.

One of the big joys I used to have was my old yahoo pingbox that basically let people contact me on yahoo messenger directly from my blog.  It felt nice to be able to directly connect with readers and get feedback upon articles, drawings, or just casual socializing.

After being in contact with some people who've stayed in "the now" I've tried to expand a little bit in social media.

If anyone is ever bored and wants to find me in those other places I've recently created a few accounts:
Fetlife username: furcissy (I'm still attempting to work up the courage to actually do something with my mostly blank profile and figuring out how to navigate).
Deviant Art username: fcsy (I promised a reader that I would post some artwork there but I'm still working up the courage to do so).
Kik messenger username: fursissy (The hipper youths informed me this is the common messenger now).

I do still hop on yahoo messenger and regularly check the emails in my blogger profile as well.

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