Sunday, May 29, 2016

Fiction: fs01 - Part 6

Author's Notes:

This takes place roughly 30 minutes after Part 5.  I was originally planning on this being one piece with part 5, but it would have stretched out a bit too long.  The only undesired results is that it leaves part 5 feeling a bit like a "snuff" version of Femdom fiction, and part 6 will be closer to part 4.  I may combine them later if people think it reads better that way.


We arrive at home.  Theresa is concerned.
"fur, how am I supposed to get you inside?"
"Sled... has a rope handle, Miss Theresa."
"Can you move at all fur?"
"My neck... and a little at the waist... I'm sorry, Miss Theresa."  I cry again.

Theresa finds the sled in the garage.  She drags me from the car by my shoulders.  I cry out in pain.  She pulls the sled, sliding me along the floor in spurts.  It hurts.  In the house.  Across the floor.  To the couch.

"I'm going to need your help here, fur."  She lifts my shoulders.  I do my best to bend upright at the waist.  Her hands find my armpits, she strains.  I arch my back onto the couch.  She lifts my legs and heaves them on.  I twist to help.  It hurts.

"Oh my God, fur, your nipples are purple.  We need to get those off."  She tugs, I scream.
"Are there keys for these?"
"No, Miss Theresa.  They are Miss Dominique's 'gift.'"
"What should I do, rip them off?"
"Please don't, Miss Theresa.  Bolt cutters.  At the tool bench.  Garage."
"I'll be right back."

Theresa departs and returns a few moments later.  A few snips and she removes the clamps.  I wail as the blood pours back in.  Theresa embraces me.  Rocking me.
"Shhhh, fur, you'll be okay."
"Thank you, Miss Theresa."
"We need to get these clothes off you."

Theresa unlocks the buckles on the uniform.  Carefully she removes the pieces one by one.  I cry from the pain.  I'm naked except for my chastity belt.  I'm cold.

"I'm going to get you cleaned up, fur."  Theresa departs and returns with a bucket of water and a wash cloth.  She washes my face gently.  Dominique's scent slowly fades away, replaced by Mistress's favorite scented soap.   I flinch with any contact to my arms or legs.  I clench my teeth.  Theresa does her best to wash me without pain.

"Thank you, Miss Theresa.  You're very kind."
She smiles.
"Ill be right back, fur."

Theresa returns wearing one of Mistress's guest robes.  It's the same as hers but a different color.  This one is purple.
"I'm going to move you, fur."

She slides me forward on the couch.  Theresa climbs on behind me.  Her body presses against me.  I'm the little spoon.  She throws the side of the robe over me.  The fur feels good on my tender skin.  I feel her arms embrace my waist.
"I'm starting to understand, fur."
"What, Miss Theresa?"

She doesn't answer.  I feel her breath on my neck.  It warms my soul.
"fur, I need to ask you something."
"Yes, Miss Theresa?"
"Why did you go along with this?  Going to Dom's."
"It would make Mistress happy.  She loves that cape and hat, Miss Theresa."
"So you sacrificed your body so that she could have some clothes she doesn't need?"
"It's not about need, Miss Theresa, it's about seeing Mistress smile."

Theresa's cheek touches my neck.  Her breathing tells me she's thinking.

"I need to ask you something else, fur."
"Yes, Miss Theresa?"
"The bolt cutters.  They've been there this whole time.  You knew where they were.  Why didn't you ever cut off the locks on that maid uniform?  I know that you hate it."
"Trust, Miss Theresa."
"Mistress trusts me, Miss Theresa.  I have to earn her trust.  If I ever lost that trust... I..."  I start to cry. "I don't know what I would do.  I couldn't live with myself."
"fur, Cass really means that much to you?  This isn't just some sex fantasy game for you, is it?"
"Miss Theresa.  Mistress is the love of my life.  She is my everything.  She gives meaning to my life.  Without her, I am nothing.  I like sex because it brings her pleasure.  I would do anything for her."
"Even die for her?"  I don't hesitate.
"In a heartbeat, Miss Theresa."
"You trust her?"
"With my life.  Unconditionally, Miss Theresa."
"How can you say that so easily, fur?"
"It's easy, Miss Theresa.  She earned it."
"I couldn't believe it when you signed that contract fur.  It was over 100 pages long and you didn't even read it.  Just signed and initialed without a thought."
"Trust, Miss Theresa.  Unwavering."

Her arms tighten around me.  She processes her thoughts.

"So what about Kimmy, fur?  Do you trust her?"
"No, Miss Theresa."
"Why do you put up with it then?"
"I trust Mistress, Miss Theresa.  Mistress will protect me if Kimmy goes too far."
"That's a lot of trust.  But aren't Dommes supposed to be trustworthy and Kimmy isn't?"
"Kimmy isn't a Domme, Miss Theresa.  Kimmy is a sub who wants to stake her claim to Mistress.  Dommes have responsible limits.  Subs lashing out like jealous children do not."
"That's deep, fur.  I think I'm starting to understand."
"Understand what, Miss Theresa?"

I feel her breath on my shoulder.  She processes again.

"I've never trusted anyone in the way that you do, fur."
"It's not easy, Miss Theresa.  Faith has to defeat fear."
"Do you think it's easier for a Domme to trust a sub than the other way around?"
"I don't know, Miss Theresa.  I think subs have to be trained to be trustworthy.  This means the sub has to trust first.  Trust that the Domme will do what is best for both of them."
"Are all Dommes that way?"
"I don't think so, Miss Theresa.  I think everyone is different.  Sometimes you get lucky.  Sometimes you are ready to trust.  Sometimes, someone is ready to trust you.  Things have to connect in just the right way."
"Interesting.  Do you think subs are better than most men?"
"Not necessarily, Miss Theresa.  Many subs are selfish, like Kimmy.  They just want sex or fantasy in the way that they want it.  I do think that subs have the potential to become better than most men if they are willing to be trained... willing to give their hearts."
"fur, you're like a salesman for Femdom."

Her breathing speaks to me.  She's thinking again.
"fur, you are important to me."
"Thank you, Miss Theresa.  You are important to me as well."
"I am?  We barely speak."
"Mistress loves you, Miss Theresa.  You make her happy.  That makes you important to me.  You are also kind, intelligent, beautiful, and an amazing woman."
"Thank you, fur, you're a sweetie.  You make my best friend so happy.  That makes me happy.  I've known her a long time.  Being with you... she's the happiest she's ever been."
I smile.
"I'm starting to understand."  I don't ask this time.  She's processing.

"Do you think I'd be cut out for D/s?"
"Miss Theresa, I think you have all the intelligence and thoughtfulness necessary to be an excellent Domme, but I have to ask, does the kink turn you on?  If no, it probably won't work."

Theresa's cheek warms up on my neck.  She's blushing, I don't even have to look.

"I've never heard anyone speak so openly about this, fur."
"Why would I hide it, Miss Theresa?  I'm proud of it."
"Miss Theresa, out of all the men and women that Mistress could have chosen, she picked me.  Out of thousands, literally, thousands, Mistress picked me.  I couldn't be more proud."
"What you asked, fur.  I've never been able to talk to anyone about it.  I've always keep it buried inside me."

She hesitates.  The speed of her breaths increases.
"Kink turns me on, fur.  Femdom turns me on.  I read Femdom stories.  I touch myself.  When I watch you and Cass, I go home and  touch myself.  It embarrasses me, fur, but I love it."
"Why does it embarrass you, Miss Theresa?"
"It makes me feel... I don't know... weird... different..."
"Miss Theresa, you're talking to someone who wears a locking fur sissy maid dress every day."

She laughs.  She hugs me.  It feels nice.

"See, I can't believe you do that!  And it doesn't embarrass you?"
"Of course it does, Miss Theresa.  I hate it.  I feel like a freak.  It's terrible.  I do it because I do it out of love."
"I've never met a man who could love so deeply, fur."
"You have, Miss Theresa.  I'm proof they can exist."

She laughs again.

"And besides, Miss Theresa.  Women who like kink are hot."  I chuckle.  My first laugh of the day.

"How do you feel inside right now, fur?  And be honest."
"I'm enjoying our talk, I like feeling close like this, but overall, terrible, Miss Theresa."
"Why terrible, fur?"
"I feel like I've failed Mistress, Miss Theresa.  When she's gone I'm supposed to wait on you, serve you.  Now I'm helpless.  You will be waiting on me, it feels awful.  I've let her down and I've let you down."
"Is that all?  That was out of your control."
"There's another reason, Miss Theresa. Miss Dominique... she..."  I start to cry.
"It's okay, fur, you're safe now."
"I couldn't stop her, Miss Theresa.  I couldn't do anything.  She tried to seduce me... I tried to get hard a couple of times. And then... and then... dildo gag harness... she raped my face.  I couldn't stop her.  I betrayed Mistress's trust."
"Dom is a very attractive woman, attempting to get hard is only natural.  Did she rape you before or after she beat you."
"After, Miss Theresa."
"Do you think Cass will feel the same way?  That you betrayed her."
"I don't know."  I sob.  I'm so upset I forget to address her properly.

"fur, do you know what 'emergency protocols A' are that Cass mentioned on the phone?"
"No, Miss Theresa."
"Cass is a smart lady.  They are a set of instructions she gave me to perform in case of an emergency where she isn't available, like this one.  They're in your labor contract.  They give me the power to do anything she would do.  Will you be able to sleep with this in your head, fur?"
"I don't know, Miss Theresa.  The guilt lingers.  Usually I can only let it go if Mistress punishes me.  That's why we do it every night."
"fur... I can't even picture hitting you right now.  I just dragged you across the floor on a sled."
"I'm sorry, Miss Theresa."

Theresa's eyes look at the wall.  I watch her process.  She mumbles.
"What would Cass do?"

Her eyes meet mine.
"fur, I order you to pleasure me with your mouth."
"Miss Theresa?"
"That's an order, fur.  Don't disobey me.  Focus on me.  Clear your mind of the pain on the inside and out.  If you let me down, I really will hit you."

I smile.
"You understand it now, Miss Theresa.  I think you'd make an excellent Domme."

She hugs me tight.

"You're sweet, fur.  What I really want to know is if you'll be better than Sammy and Gordon."
I blush.

She helps turn me onto my back.  She opens the robe.  Her skirt slides to the floor.  She unbuttons her blouse, exposing a black bra.  Her panties follow.

Theresa climbs up and straddles my face.  I can smell her.  She's already very wet.  Her poker face surprises me, I had no idea.  The thought swirls that she wanted this as much for her as for me.

She eases herself down.   I gently kiss her sex.  Her body responds.  It pokes out from her hood.  I tease with my tongue.  She moans.  I encircle it with my lips, tongue flicking.  She grinds.  I form a light suction and press firmly letting my tongue flip back and forth.  She bites her lip.  Her hands have found her own breasts.  She rubs them through her bra.

I continue on that path.  Suction, pressure, angles, directions.  I widen my lips and flatten my tongue out.  That's the spot.  Her pelvis mashes my face, burying my head deeper into the cushion.  Small motions, back and forth, up and down.  Keep it flattened.  Very light suction.  Moaning, grinding, her back arches.  Firmer, faster.  Her clit flips side to side against the pressure point of my tongue.  Just left of center, bottom to top direction.  Up and down, up and down.  Her thighs tighten.  Grinding harder.  Breathing faster, heavier. I change to an upside down U motion.  Her hips swirl.  The rhythm builds.  Her motions synchronize with mine.  Grinding.  I continue.  Her breathing gets heavier.  I speed up, more pressure, firmer, faster.  She moans louder.  Her hands move across her body.  Grinding.  Faster.  Harder.  Back to the up stroke.  She cries out.  Faster.  Faster.  More pressure.  She grinds wildly.  Her head tilts back.  She pinches her nipples.  An ecstatic cry.  She ejaculates and covers my face.  I kiss her sex.

She climbs off.  She turns me onto my side and climbs on the couch, flipping the robe over me.  I'm the little spoon.

"Just one, Miss Theresa?"
"One is fine, fur.  Why, how many do you usually do?"
"10... 15... sometimes 20 or more, Miss Theresa."

She exhales hard onto my shoulder.

"Good lord, fur.  Even when you're in chastity?"
"Especially when I'm in chastity, Miss Theresa.  Was it good, Miss Theresa?"
"Yes, fur, it was excellent."
"Better than Sammy and Gordon, Miss Theresa?"
"Do you think I'd stroke your ego for you, fur?  Not very befitting of a sub."  I blush.
"You really would make an excellent Domme, Miss Theresa."
"Do you feel better inside, fur?"
"Yes, Miss Theresa, thank you for the privilege of pleasuring you."
"Do you think you can sleep tonight?"
"Yes, Miss Theresa.  Thank you so much."  I pause.

"Miss Theresa?"
"Yes, fur?"
"Thank you so much for reminding me there's always something more important than my problems, Miss Theresa."

We lay in silence for several minutes.  She's asleep.  I'm the little spoon.  She tightens her arm around me.  Thank you, Mistress, I love you so much.  I doze off.

The wheel chair arrives the next day.  I still can't lift my arms or put any weight on my legs.  My fingers have some movement but I can't even hold a cup or a fork.  Theresa cares for me.  She washes me and feeds me.  We ice my limbs.  She covers me up in the char with a fur blanket.  She's very sweet.  We don't speak of the previous night's events.  It would feel like cheating if it wasn't utilitarian.

The day after I have enough strength that I can eat and drink.  I still can't walk.  Theresa continues assisting me.  I feel we have become close.  I think she will be closer to Mistress from now on as well.  We converse.  She asks me about D/s.  I tell her what I can from my own point of view.

The following day I can walk with crutches.  My arms are healing faster than my legs.  We keep up with ice.  Theresa seems fully comfortable with me.  She dons a bathing suit and helps me shower and shave.  Mistress will return tomorrow and Theresa wants me to present my best self.

I wake the next morning excited.  I can walk with a limp.  Theresa helps me into my maid's uniform.  She gives me the satin lined one.  The other is off getting cleaned.  Walking in heels hurts, but I manage.  I'm at the door when Mistress arrives.  She walks in and finds me bowed and on my knees.  She approaches.  I kiss her feet. First the right foot, then the left.

I hobble to my feet.

"pet, service protocols aren't in effect..." our eyes meet.  I smile.  My eyes scream my love for her.  I won't be denied this.

Mistress turns and raises her arm.  I gently slide her from her coat.  She smells nice.  I love her.  My Queen.  My Goddess.  My everything.  My heart aches.  She's tan.  I notice immediately.  A few moments later she raises her arm again.  I apply her robe with care.  Her perfume intoxicates me.  I place her hat and kneel.  The slippers.  I bow and kiss her feet.  First the right foot, then the left.  Mistress holds her smile until she turns away.  I steal a tiny glimpse.  It warms my heart.

Mistress and Kimmy sit on the couch.  Theresa relaxes on the love seat near them.  I am permitted to stay in the room.  I curl up on a doggie bed in the corner that was ordered by Miss Theresa.  My body still aches.  They talk about the trip.  Mistress and Theresa talk about the sales numbers for the shop from the past week.  I close my eyes.  Mistress's return grants me peace.

Theresa's voice piques my interest.

"So you were really okay with this, Cass?"
"I trusted he could handle it.  I spoke with Dom already and gave her my blessing.  She obeyed the rules of the agreement."
"He was such a mess, Cass.  The emergency protocols saved the day."
"Oh, I believe it, T, I've seen her play before.  There's a reason I set out those conditions."
"So what did she do?  He didn't have any visible bruising."
"An orange.  She wrapped it in a nylon and tied it to a handle.  Dom's quite resourceful."
"Ah, so the fruit bruises before the skin but it still hurts?"
"Exactly, T."

"I have a request for you, Cass."
"Anything, T.  You came through for me big time this week.  I owe you."
"One of these nights can we have drinks?  I want to pick your brain about this Femdom stuff."
Mistress smirks and her eyes widen.

"Oh really, T?  What brought this on."
"fur and I... how do I put it... bonded a bit.  We talked.  I started to see the big picture.  I'm honestly quite jealous of what you share with him."
Mistress parts her lips into a grin.  It sends chills down my spine.  She's beautiful.  I love her.

"I never knew these things got you off... you've been holding out on me."  Mistress teases and tickles her chin with her finger.  Theresa blushes and shoves her hand away.  "So does it, T?"
"Damnit, Cass.  This is why I don't talk to you about this stuff.  You always find a way to embarrass me."
"I can have fs dance around the room like a ballerina for us if that would make your sex hangup feel less embarrassing to talk about."  My eyes open wide.  I blush.  Theresa laughs.

"fur said something similar once.  When it's considered relatively, I guess it's not so bad.  I was just raised not to kiss and tell.  Sex is meant to be private and secret."
"I would agree... in 1950..." Mistress laughs.
"All of it!" Theresa blurts.  "When you tie him up, the chains.  Making him helpless.  The way he does everything perfectly for you.  The rituals.  His love.  The way he looks at you.  I've never had that, Cass.  I want it.  It makes me jealous."

"You really are a kinky little minx, T.  So why wait for drinks? Ask me some things now,"  Theresa blushes and sighs.  I bit of fear creeps in.  I don't want to dance.
"How would I go about finding a sub like fur, Cass?"  I smile, feeling a bit of pride.
Mistress's expression turns serious.

"There aren't any other subs like fs, T."
"Ouch.  Why do I feel like I just got punched?"
"Well, T, it's not impossible, but I want you to know if you are serious, just how serious this is.  fur is my unicorn.  When I posted my profile and want ad, I received over 4,000 contacts from both men and women in under a week, and that was without even posting my picture.
"That's crazy, Cass.  600 a day?"
"More or less."
"How did you choose, fs?"
"At first, I just scrapped everyone who was obviously a poor choice.  That narrowed it down to about 50."
"50 out of 4,000 that quickly?"
"2,000 were dick pics."  Mistress shakes her head.
"Fuck..."  I rarely here Theresa curse.  This surprises me.
"After that I started separating them.  Yes, Maybe, and No.  Ideally I wanted someone who was within the same age realm as me, but that was just one of the factors I considered.  I "read between the lines" in their messages.  I wanted a sub that was adaptable.  I was brand new to taking this to real life so I wasn't sure exactly what was going to 'do it' for me.  Subs that seemed too locked in on specific fetishes got put in either the 'maybe' or 'no' piles.  I didn't want a dimwit.  Their ability to articulate themselves was important."
"Did something stick out that put people into the 'yes' pile?"
"This is going to seem stupid, T, but yes.  I looked at how respectfully they addressed me and their attention to detail.  Everyone that made the 'yes' pile, addressed me as "Ma'am," and capitalized it every time.  Do you see how properly fs addresses you?  This isn't something that falls naturally to most men."

"Honestly, and don't take this the wrong way, Cass, but that seems kind of stupid."
"I can see where you are coming from, T, but think about it this way.  You've seen fur robe me, right?"
"Over a thousand times, Cass."
"What do you notice about it?"  Theresa's expression changes.  She processes.  Her eyes light up.
"It's exactly the same every time."
"You get it, T.  I trained him how to do it once.  He does it perfectly, every time.  I expect perfection.  Very few men can deliver that."

"What else stood out?"
"I wanted a man that was worthy of respect.  Someone I could see as a friend, a lover, a life partner.  Someone who could share more than just a spanking or some sex.  Someone interesting and complex... that isn't just thinking with his dick."
"How did fur present that?"
"fs..." she laughs, "fs, didn't list a single kink or desired activity in his first contact.  He simply described himself as a man and asked about me as a woman."
"Was it an easy choice?"
"No.  I narrowed down my list to 7 finalists.  I had him ranked 6th.  There were others who represented themselves as well as or better than he did.  He's also shorter than me, he was a little bit overweight back then, working a dead end job, and not all that handsome."  Her honesty stings a little.

"So how did you get to number 5?"
"I went down the list.  I started corresponding with all of them.  We would chat on the internet.  A few put themselves out of contention rather quickly.  They felt like those people that interview really well for a job and then are incompetent lazy bastards when they actually show up for work.  Meet ups followed.  I played with a few.  Several of them left me thinking that things could work, but I just didn't feel 'it.'  fs was the last one I met with in person.  I didn't think much of him at first but the more we talked in person, the more animated he got.  Enthusiasm.  He wanted to know me.  This wasn't just about sex.  He gave off a different feeling than the others."

"After that?"
"After that I set up a test.  A small weekend getaway to a rental cabin in the mountains.  We would drive together and I would see how they did over a couple of days."
"And this is how fur, 'won'?"
"Yes.  His manners were impeccable.  I didn't have to ask, he offered.  Every door was opened.  Every bag was carried.  Every chair was assisted.  He would blurt out random compliments.  When I turned him on, he kept it in his pants.  If he wasn't sure, he would ask permission.  This was without any training at all.  His cooking was excellent, and he's very good with his hands."
"What sealed it for me was the last night in the cabin.  I told him I was going to hurt him and that it wouldn't be in a sexy way, it would be real suffering.  I also told him that he was going to pleasure me as much as I wanted and in no way would I permit him an orgasm."
"What did he do then?"
"His little cock stood straight up, and he said 'yes, Ma'am,' in this tiny little voice.  I beat him badly.  I broke the skin.  Welts.  He cried like a baby.  When I looked into his eyes I expected to see resentment."
"What did you see?"
"Love.  He didn't expect any aftercare or coddling, he was just ready for whatever happened next.  He went down on me for hours.  I'm pretty sure his neck and tongue were about to fall off.  I think it was for about 7 hours without a break.  His penis was throbbing and purple.  After, I told him to sleep on the floor, naked.  I chained his neck to the bedpost and didn't give him a blanket.  The chain kept rattling from his shivering so I instructed him to keep the chain silent and he did.  I slept easily.  My dreams woke me up a couple of hours later.  He was curled up in a ball on the hard wooden floor.  I decided he had earned a blanket so I brought him one and placed it over him.  This woke him up.  He looked up at me and smiled and said, 'Thank you very much, Ma'am, you are very kind.'"

"That sounds just like him."
"In that moment he stole my heart."
"And you accepted him then?"
"No, T, it made me test him more.  I cranked up the bitch factor.  I kept him naked.  I made him take a cold shower with me watching.  I had him make me breakfast and forced him to wait to eat, allowing him a single piece of dry toast while I threw my leftovers in the garbage.  I sent him out into the cold naked and in bare feet to get fire wood.  I didn't smile and I paid no attention to him unless I was giving him an order.  When he dropped me off, he escorted me to the door.  He bowed his head and said, 'thank you, Ma'am for the privilege of your company this weekend.  It made me feel blessed.'  I stayed with my poker face and ordered him not to masturbate without permission.  I told him I would contact him."
"And then?"
"I tested him again.  I waited 5 days to call him.  He stayed polite but I could tell he was excited.  I told him to drop everything and be here within 30 minutes.  27 minutes later he was at the door.  He just walked out on his job to get here.  I ordered him to strip in the entryway.  He disrobed calmly and folded his clothes, placing them neatly next to him.  I walked up and grabbed his balls.  They were bloated and swollen, a pretty wicked case of blue balls.  I tugged him to me by his scrotum and gave him a deep, wet, kiss.  That same day I offered him my collar.  I think you know the rest.  He really is special, T.  He's broken in just the right way.  He uses serving to pull out of his own misery and discomfort, and he loves for granting him that release."

Theresa's eyes grow misty.  Mistress looks vibrant and happy.  Kimmy grinds her teeth and looks pissed.  She stands abruptly and storms out of the room.   Minutes later, the doorbell rings.  I am sent to answer it.  I limp to the entryway.  My jaw drops as I open the door.

"Hello, little one, it's good to see you up and about.  Just imagine if I had been allowed to mark you."  My pulse races.  Sweat.  Chest heaving. I can't breathe.  I topple to the floor.
"No greeting for me, little one?  That's so rude."  Dominique steps through the door and closes it behind her.  My body reacts on its own.  Fear overwhelms me.  I push myself against the wall and curl up.  I start to whimper.
"Are you trying to seduce me, little one?" she asks with a smile.  My hands grip the sides of my head.  I'm shaking.

"Who is it, pet?" Mistress enters the room.  "Hi, Dom, this is a surprise."
"Enjoy your trip, Cass?  Your tan looks good."
"Thank you, Dom, please join us in the living room."  Mistress looks my way.  "pet, you are being rude."
I can't control my mouth.  "m... mistress..." The words stumble out.
"It's fine, Cass.  I'm glad to see little one is 'enjoying' the gift I gave him.  It's not often that a sub gets to embrace the feeling of 'true fear.'"  Mistress shakes her head.
"You truly are a twisted bitch, Dom."  They both laugh.

Dominique removes her own coat and hangs it over the banister.  She keeps her headband and gloves on.  We return to the living room.  Mistress insists.  I am permitted to curl up on the doggie bed.  Dominique sits next to Mistress on the couch.  Kimmy returns but stands leaning against the wall, arms folded.  Theresa eyes daggers at Dominique.

"I bring gifts," announces Dominique.
The opens the bag at her feet.
"I really think you should be proud of that sub of yours, Cass, he's an impressive specimen.  I tried my best to seduce him but he didn't give in.   He really is a rare one.  I enjoyed breaking him."
"Thank you, Dom.  I'm always proud of him, but it's always nice to hear it from someone else."  I feel warm.

"For you, Cass."  Dominique removes something from the bag.  "I called up that designer and he's still fond of me.  He shipped me some gloves to match the cape and hat."  She hands the gloves to Mistress.  Mistress rubs the fur trim on her face.
"Thank you so much, Dom.  You didn't have to do this."
"I wanted to, Cass.  I really enjoyed fs, so much.  It was my first time going that far with a non-masochist and it pushed me to another level.  My still boils when I think about it.  This was a rare pleasure.  The next is for the both of you."
She removes another item from the bag.
"The chastity belt company owed me a favor so I had them expedite me a custom order.  This dildo harness attaches seamlessly to the front of the belt, covering any sharp, jagged, or uneven spots.  I had a custom fur cover made for it with a slit for the dildo, so if you slide all the way down, you'll feel the fur 'you know where.'  I thought that you and fs could use some more traditional intimacy.  After what I put him through, he's earned it."
"You really are amazing, Dom.  This is so special."  Mistress looks happy.  Confusion fills my mind.

Dominique stands and approaches Theresa's seat.  She's still looking a bit perturbed.
"Come here, little one."  Mistress motions to me.  I approach cautiously. "Theresa, I just wanted to let you know I'm truly sorry that you had to clean up after me.  While you were over, I noticed your wardrobe could use a small upgrade. Please hold out your hand."

Dominique hands me a glove.  I pull it onto Theresa's hand.  It's leather with a fur cuff trim.  We repeat the process with the other hand.  Dominique hands me another item.  A fur headband.  They all match her coat.  I reach out and place it on Theresa's head.
"How do they look, little one?"
"Miss Theresa, you look very pretty."

Theresa blushes.  She attempts to regain composure.  Dominique has disarmed her.
"Thank you, Dom.  I'm still really trying to wrap my head around this whole Femdom thing."
"Oh really, Theresa?  I feel like I still owe you, so if you ever wish to borrow Sammy or Gordon, Just say the word."  Theresa smiles.
"Thank you, I will keep that in mind."

"I have to get going, Cass, but it's good to see you are all doing well."
"Thanks for stopping by, Dom, and thank you for the gifts."
"Oh, and by the way, if you ever want to sell this boy to me, I promise you that I'll pay well."  Dominique smirks.  She reaches her gloved hand under my dress and gentle rubs my buttocks.  My body freezes.  Kimmy scoffs.
"I'll keep that in mind, Domme.  fs, please see Dominique out."

We head to the door.  I limp a few paces behind her.  We reach the door.  Dominique extends her right arm.  I slide her coat onto her and gently wrap it around her body.  I straighten her collar.  She turns and I cinch the belt around her waist.  Dominique places her hands on my earmuffs and presses her forehead against mine.  My eyes twitch, she stabs them with her gaze.  She's close, too close.
"I'm a fast learner, too, little one.  You really are wonderful."   She releases.

I open the door for her and Dominique departs.  My mind struggles to process. Miss Dominique is actually very thoughtful and kind?



  1. Quite a change from your last chapter, fur! And a welcome one, I might add. Seems I was correct in my earlier surmise concerning Theresa, and I like the way you did that. Also brings up some interesting questions about Mistress and her motivations for allowing fur to be so brutally abused. Also enjoyed the "picking fur as my slave" segment. Perhaps my favorite chapter so far.

    1. Thank you, Lady Grey. This was an interesting one to write since it grew its own legs and forced me to make changes. Lisa and Theresa were originally intended to be 1 character.

      When I wrote 3-4, 5-6 had already been planned out. It caused me to make some changes I felt were necessary. Socially, Theresa and Cassandra are equals. I wanted fs to help break down walls as Theresa has her "revelation" about their relationship. The circumstances weren't right in the story to have this happen in part 4, so I created Lisa to be a tender character that helps fa repair his damaged psyche. Lisa, being younger and Cassandra's direct subordinate gives her a different point of view than Theresa's older, more guarded self.

      Take care.

    2. Sorry, fur. I seem to have mixed up Lisa and Theresa, as my original surmise was about Lisa. If they were originally supposed to be one character, I can forgive myself, and how sweet of you not to point out my obvious blunder

    3. I actually found myself writing "Lisa" where it was supposed to be "Theresa" and vice versa multiple times.

  2. Theresa did remind me of Lisa in many ways. I can't help but wander if it has ever been a fantasy of yours to see a vanilla girl transform into a Domme? I enjoyed the part about Cass choosing fs. I must admit, being addressed properly, and holding non sexual interest does make a man stand out.

    1. Thank you, Miss Lily. As I wrote I attepted to give them slightly different characteristics but I'm not sure if it was enough. Theresa is very casual with Cassandra but Lisa remains way more formal. I started this 4 years into the relationship so I wasn't really able to build up history. Theresa is supposed to have known fs for all 4 years and sees him regularly, even house sitting for days at a time in the pre-Kimmy days. In 4 years she just saw him as "Cass's sub" as an outsider might view someone else's butler. They had never interacted on a personal level until part 6.

      Lisa's background may have been seeing fs once or twice as Cass's boyfriend, first encountering him as a sub in part 3, but immediately engaging him with curiosity. She also was willing to forego protocols in a way that Theresa would have never done when fs was in functional condition.

      I hope this helps provide some additional contrast. I am seeing just how much I can improve my writing in order to make many of these things clear.

    2. I'm sorry that I forgot to address your other question. My fantasy is that all women have strong self-esteem and feel good about themselves. My reality is that I have "assisted" in converting 2 subs to Dommes and 5 vanilla women to Dommes just by being their friends, staying positive, and trying to make them feel good. If they asked me about certain things I may have been guilty of "selling" the D/s dynamic as a very functional lifestyle that is full of love :)

  3. Uh oh, Kimmy's mad now.

    If I had to pick a favorite part it would have to be when she came home. (Yes, I'm cheesy, so what?!)

  4. I think this may be my all-time favorite line..."fur, you're like a salesman for Femdom." Yes you are! Another great chapter. Looking forward to seeing more of Miss Theresa's journey!

    1. Thank you, Nora.

      A lot of my early blog writing was about how to inject D/s into an existing vanilla relationship, so I had a bit of practice on "selling" the idea :)

      Take care.