Monday, May 30, 2016

Fiction: fs01 - Some Words from the Authors (Warning: may be some mild spoilers)

Some Words from The Author

This is my first real attempt at erotic fetish fiction.

What started out as a brief attempt to capture a comic idea in text only turned into a process of pure joy.  I obsessed about writing it and ideas came flowing in constantly.  It took on a life of its own.  After composing the first 2 chapters and receiving feedback on them, I started to realize what I had been doing subconsciously and a clear direction formed.

I wanted to write a piece of work that gave an accurate portrayal of the mindspace of a deep submissive as well as Dommes that were as realistic as possible, that would appeal to both Dommes and subs.  I didn't want to create shallow caricatures, bursting at the seems with extreme behaviors and no "down time."  I don't know I was able to do this, but the feedback so far has been positive.

This work is based heavily upon myself as the frame of reference.  Things unfold before my eyes and how I would view such a world.  Many of the events and characters are based upon my actual experiences and an amalgam of people that I have met along the way.  Some are pure fantasy and my conjectures at the experiences, thoughts, and behaviors.

The premise of the story is that a Domme and sub are in a long-term D/s relationship.  The Domme injects some changes into the mix that initially throw the sub off-balance.  He adjusts, and there is somewhat of an understanding that the chain reaction of events that occur are rooted in a set of fantasies he wrote for the Domme when he was a complete novice.  The Domme takes complex actions to slowly bring those fantasies to reality, by both direct and indirect means.  In the story, she explores these fantasies as much as he does.

It's common for subs to fantasize about situations that are far beyond what is rational, safe, or responsible.  I am as guilty of this as anyone.

Think of this as my exploration of "what if those fantasies all came true?" but done within the realm of my attempt at portraying realistic human emotions.  Where people need love, share tender and intimate moments, and fill their emotional needs, even if the majority of their days are spent playing a different role.

Thank you for reading.

Cast of Characters:

fs01 - submissive male.  Age: Mid-30's.  Heterosexual.  College graduate.  He met the Mistress on an adult dating site.  They have been together for 4 years at this point.  Extremely obedient and devoted to his Mistress whom he deeply loves.  She is the first Domme he has served.

He has a personality, but subdues it in order to fill the role Cassandra assigns to him in an ever-evolving D/s relationship.  Very adaptable and resourceful, he's still finding out how deep his submission will go.  He views enduring suffering as a display of love and devotion as his strongest trait.  He trusts the Mistress completely with his life.  Feels tremendous guilt whenever he feels he lets her down.

Mistress Cassandra (The Mistress) - Dominant female.  Age: 34.  Bisexual but usually looks at women more as "flings."  Has a strong fur fetish. A former Psychologist that specialized in working with patients with kinks and fetishes in a private practice.  She left the field at 30.  Afterward she pursued her D/s interests and started an upscale fur and leather shop that has a "back room" and internet site that caters to fetishists and BDSM themes.  fs01 is her first serious submissive.

She is very smart, perceptive and skilled at reading people.  Her personality is in charge, in control, and she can see the "big picture" in the long-run where others might not.  She embraced her dominant side in her late 20's and gained tremendous insight into the D/s through her experiences as a therapist.   She occasionally "plays her role" but understands her need to balance her more intimate emotional needs with her fantasy-oriented side.  When she is feeling close, comfortable, and vulnerable she often reverts to a "cute" side that the rest of the world doesn't see.

Kimmy - submissive (or switch) female.  Age 22.  Man-hating lesbian.  College senior working in fashion design.  Met the Mistress while interning at her shop and embraces the "back room" side of the business.  Balances the personalities of a horny submissive cutesy girly-girl and a raging bitch.

Kimmy is excitable, brash, and impulsive.  She's very sexual and aggressive on that front.  In relationships she's clingy, territorial, and fairly high-maintenance.  Cassandra is drawn in by her energy and lack of a "filter," which makes her personality appear fun and exciting.  She acts as fs01's primary authority figure when Cassandra is not present.

Lisa - Married vanilla female.  Age 24.  Heterosexual.  Cassandra's personal assistant at work.  Over-qualified for the role but loves her job.  While vanilla, she is open-minded and "kink-curious."  Intelligent and competent at her job.  Very warm and friendly.

She behaves as a subordinate to Cassandra.  She has a great deal of respect for Cass, and looks up to her, always maintaining a formal barrier due to their positions, age, and life experiences.  She shows enough of herself to give others an idea of what interests her sexually, but never enough for people to figure it out for certain.

Theresa - single vanilla female.  Age 34.  Heterosexual.  Cassandra's best friend, former college roommate, and current head of the shop's legal department.  Extremely intelligent and loyal to Cassandra.  She's Cass's right hand.  Reads a lot and spends a lot of time processing and thinking about what she sees.  Very independent and strong, Theresa views relationships as unnecessary and relies on short-lived flings to meet her needs on that front.  She drew up the contract between Cassandra and fs01.

Theresa is very guarded and secretive about her inner feelings.  Cass is the only one that knows what she's thinking most of the time, but there are still things kept buried and secret that no one knows.  While not very personable, Theresa spends a lot of time observing people, trying to figure out why people do what they do and why they want what they want.  Theresa has served as fs01's authority figure when Cassandra has been away for the duration of their relationship, but their interactions have remained formal.

Mistress Dominique - Dominant female.  Age: 39.  Extent of sexuality unknown, heterosexual or possibly bi (will play with both genders).  Has a strong fur fetish. A wealthy former Femdom courtesan and unrepentant and extreme sadist.  Dominique is an enigmatic and polarizing figure.  She is a VIP customer at Cassandra's shop and they share many of the same fetishes.  She embraces her primal desires and stokes their fires instead of suppressing them.  She can be quite scary, but carries more emotional depth than most people ever get close enough to see.  Dominique has been a good friend of Cassandra's since the shop opened.

Sammy and Gordon - Dominique's live-in slaves.  Handsome and fit.  They have no personality and serve her obediently.

Mistress Renee - Dominant female.  Age: early to mid 50's.  Heterosexual.  Owns a stable of slaves.
Lives in a "local scene" where TPE and slave trading happens frequently.  She "lives in her character" as a Femdom slave owner.

3 - Renee's alpha slave.  Holds complete obedience to Renee.  A veteran of the lifestyle, he is familiar with the brutality required to "break" new slaves completely to her will.  He is the only one of her slaves allowed to speak directly to her.

B - submissive female.  Age: 29. Normally heterosexual but loves Theresa.  B is Theresa's sub chosen when a suitable male sub could not be found.  She is tiny in stature, timid, and shy.  Very caring and will react strongly if she feels someone is violating acceptable boundaries.

Brianna - vanilla female.  Age: 37.  Heterosexual.  Cassandra's older sister.  Very conservative in her values and will reject differing views openly.  Feels like she is immune from criticism or accountability when she crusades against things she deems immoral and deviant.

Sasha - Dominant female.  Age: unknown.  Extent of sexuality unknown, heterosexual or possibly bi.  Head of the Adult Sales and Research department at Cassandra's shop.  She has ideas for BDSM gear that go beyond ordinary demand.  Thorough and clinical in her testing procedures. 


  1. Writing the introduction last feels strange, but it seemed to work best now as it did with my Reflections posts.

  2. You might want to edit this, fur. It seems to have repeated itself in publishing it, and interspersed this with that in a mixed up order, etc. Btw, and for what it's worth, I HATE "previews of coming attractions" - never watch them - as well as dust jacket introductions that reveal too much of the plot. The part where you do a list of characters is something I'd not read myself, and you tell much too much about the characters ahead of time for my taste. The story should speak for itself without exposition before it starts. Sorry, but you were asking for opinions, and I'd much rather see your introduction AFTER I read the story, if at all. Just my own personal view, and I'm sure that others may well disagree.

    1. Thank you for the feedback Lady Grey. I will give it a comb through later today when I have time.

      i wrote this heavily out of insecurity (no one had finished reading/commenting on all 8 parts yet). My fear was that my intentions in certain parts did not come through enough due to the limited means I chose to display their feelings and my own lack of skill as a writer. I figured the chance to give it a "nudge" might ease that along.

      I will take everything you said to heart and will be giving it some serious thought.

      Thank you again.

    2. I was able to make the fixes, Lady Grey. Due to the inability for blog posting to work correctly via mobile browser, I run into some problems at times.

      I very much appreciate your feedback on this. I have changed it from an introduction to just some words and a warning to steer people away if they would rather experience it first.

      Take care.