Thursday, June 2, 2016

Fiction: fs01 - Part 12

Author's Note:  This takes place the day after Part 11.


Morning arrives.  I wake but feel paralyzed.  I lay in bed.  Mistress's robe presses against my body.  I bury my nose and inhale.  I slept a tiny bit last night.  If not for B and Theresa I would have been awake all night.  I rub my behind.  It's still sore.

I promise myself to stay true to Mistress's wishes.  I roll out of bed and get dressed in another sweat pant and sweatshirt ensemble.  I never thought I'd miss the uniform, but what I really miss is her.  I love you Mistress.

The doorbell rings.  I answer it, it's Theresa.

"Can I make you some breakfast, Miss Theresa?"
"No thank you, fur, I already ate.  X cooks a mean omelette.  Have you eaten?"
"No, Miss Theresa."

She reaches into her pocket and tosses me a granola bar.

"Still no change in Cass's condition.  She's still stable, but hasn't woken up.  Please get ready, we are leaving."

I slip on my shoes and wonder where we are going.  Theresa doesn't speak much as we drive.  She looks tired.

"fur... I want you to be prepared for the worst... it's not something I want to even consider, but just in case."
I stay silent.  I feel like a ghost.  She reaches over and grabs my hand.
"fur.  If Cass doesn't make it, she appointed me as your legal guardian.  You will be welcome in my home forever.  If you choose to move on, that is fine.  If you choose to stay, that is fine as well.  Right now, you are the closest thing I have to my best friend."

We both tear up together.  I swallow.  I recognize the landscape.  My fingers twitch.

"fur, I am dropping you off with Dominique for the day.  She has agreed to take you in for now.  I have a lot of loose ends I have to take care of for Cass and work.  Dom's a friend.  You'll be okay.  She was on the list of people Cass trusted, especially after the Kimmy incident."

I nod.
"Thank you, Miss Theresa for taking care of me."

We pull up to the house.  Theresa pops the trunk.
"fur, please grab the bag in the trunk."  I do as instructed and we approach the front door.  Sammy is waiting for us.  Images of the video flash in my head.  I smile for the first time today.  Dominique greets us at the door.  Her and Theresa exchange pleasantries.

Dominique turns to me and puts her hand on my shoulder.  Our eyes meet.  Her eyes are red and swollen, like mine.  She has been crying too.  I fake a smile.  She returns in kind.

"I'll see you later, Dom, I will text you if there are any updates."
"Thanks, Theresa.  I hope you are holding up.  Call me if you need ANYTHING."

Theresa leaves.  I follow Dominique and Sammy down the hallway.  We enter the same room I met her in during my first visit.  I breathe a little harder.  The hairs on my neck stand up.

"Strip, little one."  I nod and do as I'm told.  "Your uniform, put it on."  She motions to the garment bag.  I open it and to my surprise, my uniform.  Fresh from being cleaned.

I dress in front of her.  When I finish I present my wrists.  She turns up the cuffs and locks the buckles.  I turn and she repeats the process with my collar and head harness.  I lay on my back and raise my feet, she locks on my boots.

Dominique makes a motion with her head.  I look in that direction and see a box on the table.  I open it.  She puts out her arm.  Inside is an exact duplicate of Mistress's robe, slippers, and hat.  I slide the robe over her arm and pull it around her.  I straighten the collar before cinching the belt gently around her waist.  I retrieve the hat and stand on my toes, gently placing it on her head, making sure the contours are lined up just right.  She raises her foot.  I kneel and slide it into the first slipper.  We repeat this with the second.  I stay kneeling.

"slave."  I know what this means.  She has watched us.
I bow my head and kiss her feet.  First the right foot, then the left.

I rise back up and her arms embrace me.  She buries my face in the fur collar.  I close my eyes.  It's Mistress's perfume.  A few seconds of fantasy calms my soul.  She releases me.  Her face and eyes are warm.  This is a new side that she is showing me.

I bow and press my head to the floor at her feet.  I am so grateful to her.

"Stand up, little one.  I have a gift for you."

I stand.  She raises my chin until our eyes meet.  She smiles.

Dominique's hand goes into the pocket before presenting a pair of nipple clamps.

"Theresa told me the last pair 'broke,' little one.  It was clumsy of me to forget to give you the key."

The first clamp bites.  I whimper.  She dials up the pressure.  I scream.  She locks it in place. The second clamp bites.  I squeal.  She tightens it until I cry out.  Click.  My head clouds in pain.  It consumes me.

"Follow, little one," she instructs as she leads me to the dungeon.  We go down the stairs.  Fear.  Involuntary memories.  My legs barely work.  We cross the gate and she leads me to a horizontal bar.  She bends down and fastens metal shackles around each ankle, spreading my legs apart.

Dominique pulls some shackles down from above me.  I hear a clicking sound like the turning of a gear.  She locks them around my wrists behind my back.  I hear her footsteps shuffle away.  A click and the whirring of metal.  The motor pulls the shackles upward.  Farther and farther.  My arms bow back.  It forces me down at the waist.  My body bends over the horizontal beam.  The whirring stops.

Dominique returns.

"Just relax, little one.  This will be fun.  I promise."

She reaches forward and hangs a small metal weight from the chain between the nipple clamps.  I bite my lip and groan.  She tugs it.  I yelp.

"You really are quit the little Casanova aren't you, little one?  Always trying your best to seduce me."

She releases the weight.  I lower my head and watch it swing back and forth, tugging and the nipples.  It burns.

I feel a tapping on my back side.  It just grazes the skin but the marks from Theresa are still sore.

"I'll have to compliment Theresa on her work, little one.  These marks are sublime."  My body stiffens.

Dominique appears in front of me, crop in hand.  She taps it in her hand a few times.  No warning.

A quick strike to the weight.  It swings hard and tugs against the chain.  I cry out.  Ping.  I wail.  Ping.  Pain.  Ping.  It flies and clatters as it slides across the floor.  Dominique's face looks puzzled.

"Not as fun as I thought."  She rolls a cart nearby.  She hangs 3 weights from the chain.  I groan.  Ping, Ping, Ping.  I scream.  3 quick swings, 3 hits.  I look up, tears fill my eyes.  She leans her head matching my angle.  She smiles.  I look down and notice her left hand rubbing herself.

Ping, Ping, Ping.  I shriek and tug against the chains.  Ping, Ping, Ping.  I wail and sob.  Dominique leans her head back and moans.  I can see her hips gyrating through the robe.

"This way is a little more fun, isn't it?"  She laughs.  Dominique sprays a bit of perfume on the tip of the finger of her glove.  She wipes it under my nose.  The smell of Mistress envelopes me.  My heart calms for a brief instant.

Ping, Ping, Ping.  My body thrashes as I wail.  Sweat and tears mix on my cheeks.  Swat, swat.  She tags each ass cheek with precision.  I bawl.

"Let it out, little one."  Swat, swat.  Ping, Ping, Ping.  Agony blinds me.  I sob, whimper, and wail.  I pull and struggle against the shackles.  Swat, swat.  Ping, Ping, Ping.  Her speed is breath-taking.  Literally.  I sob and sob.  The pain fades out.  I just cry.  My head bobs, my chest heaves.  I cry.

It feels like hours.  It's probably only minutes.  I exhale with tears, I inhale Mistress.  My breathing slows.  My sounds fade.  I let out a very gentle whimper that extends for seconds.  The motor whirs.  I feel the chain loosen.  Soon I stand upright.  Dominique unlocks the shackles.

"Feel better, little one?"
I nod.
"You may touch me."

I throw my arms around her and squeeze.  I feel her hand on the back of my head.  It's a gentle touch.  She pulls my face into her shoulder.  I close my eyes.  It feels like Mistress.  I release her.

Dominique leads me upstairs away from the dungeon.  We return to the room we were in earlier. She reaches into her pocket, presents a key, and unlocks the clamps.  I scream as they release, the pain of the blood rushing back in.

"These are my gift to you, little one.  If you can't sleep because you miss her, these will help distract you.  Come lay with me."

Dominique lays on the couch.  I lay beside her.  I'm the little spoon.  She throws her robe over me and I feel her hand around my waist.  I close my eyes and breathe.  It feels okay to be alive.

"Sammy, fetch Gordon."  Sammy bows and leaves the room.  Soon after both appear before us.  Gordon looks at me.  Our eyes meet.  His eyes speak to me.  He knows what I'm feeling.  He glances at Dominique.  I don't see what she does but he nods and moves closer.  He puts his hand on my shoulder.

"Little one, I was not Gordon's first Mistress.  His first Mistress was in an accident.  She died.  He was all alone and he completely fell apart.  I heard about him through a friend and I reached out.  He's been with me ever since.  That was 6 years ago."

Gordon's eyes tear up.  I place my hand on his extended arm.  Our expressions match.  Empathy.

"Thank you, Gordon."  He nods, removes his arm, and takes a few steps back.

"Little one, when is the last time you had pizza?"  My mind blanks.  I don't remember.
"I don't know, Miss Dominique.  5 years ago maybe?"
"5 years?  Sammy, order up some pizzas.  Do you have a favorite movie, little one?"
"Nothing I can think of, Miss Dominique.  I don't think I've seen a movie in about 5 years."
"Gordon, please queue up the Thin Man."

I smile.  I've seen it before.  It's good.  Gordon nods and departs.  We all sit together, eating pizza and watching a movie.  I smile and laugh.  Everyone does.  I needed this.

After the movie, Dominique and I stay together on the couch.  We don't speak, we just lay together.  She comforts me.  I think she appreciates the comfort as well.

"Little one, Cass is going to be okay... but just in case... there's always a place for you in my home if you need one."
"Thank you, Miss Dominique.  You really are very kind."
"Stop saying that!  Sammy!  Show him your scrotum!"

I cover my face and laugh.  Thank you, Miss Dominique.  You really are very kind.



  1. I am so very glad that Dom didn't turn into one of those one sided static characters. I loved that she was able to allow fs to enjoy pizza and a movie.

    1. Thank you, Miss Lily. Dominique has become my favorite character to write probably necause of her pure randomness and need to be entertained. She has a very real person underneath but when I come up with an idea like the cell phone video in part 10 I just can't resisit.

  2. How nice to see this side of Dominique.

    Weighted nipple clamps...ouch, ouch, ouch!!!

    1. Thank you, Misty. Dominique is an interesting one when she chooses to be :)

      Weighted clamps would definitely be enough to take your mind off things.