Saturday, May 21, 2016

Approaching some milestones

I'm approaching a blog milestone soon... what will be my 500th post.

It has been an interesting ride.  I wish that I had been more consistent with things, but I guess I can't really help my feelings and my ability or lack of to get them under control.  I have met some interesting people over the years through this blog including a local couple that we became friends with.  Many are gone now, but it still feels good to write.

Following Lady Grey's post I noticed a considerable uptick in my blog traffic in the 3-5 days surrounding that.  I even managed to break 1000 views for the first time since probably 2013.  It felt good to know people are stopping by, even if only in passing.  I'm sure at least a handful wandered in, said "WTF is this sissy pink shit?" and left, but that is okay too.

I then clicked on the "All Time" stats and it was a bit of a surprise.  Apparently from late 2010 to early 2013 I was getting 20-40k hits per day, but that's when I was still drawing regularly.  I doubt I could ever get back to that even if I resumed drawing, too much has changed since then and blogs feel almost like pagers... with social media replacing blogs like the cell phone revolution.

I still like blogs.  I don't even know if I could express myself with 120 characters, nor could I replace sharing my appreciation and feelings for a post with a "like" and no comments.

There is a freedom to anonymity.  It feels rewarding to bond with souls who utilize this anonymity as an outlet and a connection when it is not possible in the real world.  It's easy in this world to feel isolated and solitary.  I cherish the bonds I have made.

Ever since writing my reflections posts, it seems to have calmed some of the storm that I keep buried inside me.  To be able to unleash the truth and face it head on... was difficult.  I was very uncertain when I got there and it really took me about a week to recover from the emotional wounds that had never healed being forced back to the surface.  I do think I can finally look back and remember the good without getting hung up on the bad.

To everyone out there that reads my blog, thank you so much for being there.
To the few I have met that have grown special to me over the years, it means the world to me and I hope to be a better and more consistent person from here on out.

The next milestone will probably be hit # 1,000,000, but at the current rate, that may take about 2 years :D

p.s. The 500th post will probably be a picture, but if I end up going on another post run, it may be a little bit past that.


  1. Well, fur, that's an awful lot of posting. Glad you're still in action, and resounding with much sound and fury. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you, Lady Grey.

      My only regret lately is that I'm feeling like I should start scheduling when my posts go live so that it's closer to 1 per day instead of 5 in 1 day... it's almost like I'm undermining the ability to have discussions by writing too much. At the same time, it's hard for me to hold back when the muse bites.