Sunday, May 15, 2016

Thank you, Lady Grey

I just wanted to thank you, Lady Grey.  For years your writing has inspired me, your comments are insightful, and I appreciate it so very much.  I also feel very lucky to have been around for your earlier posts before they were removed. 

If others haven't been there, my favorite blog on the internet:


  1. Thank you for the kind comments, Fur. You have inspired me many times over the years and I value our "back and forth" tremendously. It's a treat to have you back again, and oh my, those early writings seem such a long time ago, don't they?

    1. Thank you, Lady Grey, I enjoy it as well. Those early writings do seem like a long time ago, but they kind of were. 6 years in this lifestyle leads time for many many changes for all parties involved. I know when I look back at my early writings often I feel like "wow, I'm a completely different person now..."