Friday, May 20, 2016

Women and Clothing

It sort of feels like I've started over with the blog. I don't think that's actually true but it's feeling much easier to write now that I'm not blocking myself from keeping things impersonal.

Women and clothing fascinate me. Not so much from a fetish sense but just in general. I tend to find clothed women more attractive than naked ones. I find the female body to be beautiful in all of its shapes and sizes, I just think that a woman presenting herself nude is a privilege and is something special to be shared with someone very special and not just as erection fodder.

The world does its best to beat down a woman's self-esteem. It often feels like people accept that selling cosmetics, magazines, and $2000 shoes outweighs the psychological damage it does to a woman's self-image. Like the eating disorders, complexes, and stress are acceptable so that men have something nice to look at. I find this idea horrible.

I find that women have a lot more "faces" they have to juggle for the world and this is often clearly expressed through the way that they dress. They have what they wear when they want to feel beautiful or sexy. What they wear when they want to feel powerful and command respect. What they wear when they are feeling casual and comfortable in their own skin. What they wear when they value comfort for themselves and don't care what you think.

Each face carries with it an attitude and its own set of positive and negatives. The more that a woman tries to be something, any insecurity related to that face may surface as well. While society has changed its views upon a woman's role at home and in the workplace, it has been much slower to accept that a woman doesn't have to be pretty for the world all the time and by the world's standards.

I think confidence is the sexiest part of a woman. I believe that each woman has her own faces she's most comfortable showing the world and with those come an attitude. "I like who I am, if you don't, then fuck you."

Women are individually unique as to which face gives that confidence. For some it's a power business suit, for others it may be sweatpants and an over-sized t-shirt, and others it may be their favorite little black dress and shoes. It may even be all 3.

From my experiences, only a small percentage of women have their most confidence face on while naked, if so, great. If not, I know that I will find their most confident state the most attractive.

While I have a preference for certain types of clothing on women (fur, leather, boots, gloves, etc.) they are only a preference in the same manner that someone might have a preference for breasts or legs. They aren't a necessary part of my submission, merely an aesthetic touch that has the power to increase my arousal. I've been blessed to have been with women that entertained this fact since knowing they were arousing me assisted in their confident face. I have also spent enough time blindfolded where clothing types are unnecessary, although the gesture means the world to me.

I understand where the "Domme uniform" idea comes from as a means of establishing a new, powerful, and sexy face. I also understand how expecting a Domme to dress this way could undermine her confidence as well.

I don't really have a point in all this, they are just some random thoughts.

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