Friday, May 20, 2016

Showtime's Billions

Lady Grey mentioned the Showtime show, "Billions," in my post on coping and I started watching it last night.  There is a bit of Femdom splashed in here and there in each episodes as one of the main characters is a submissive.  If you aren't familiar with the show, it's about high-profile investment banking and government agencies trying to catch white collar criminals.  If you enjoyed movies like Wall Street or... the Wolf of Wall Street, Boiler Room, etc. this would probably be up your ally.

I will try to talk about certain aspects without any spoilers.  As of this point I have watched the first 5 episodes.  I will make it clear though, that Femdom is a small part of what is going on and is not the primary theme of the show so far.

The opening scene is a bit surprising, well, most likely since it's the opening scene and you have no clue about any of the characters yet, but from a D/s standpoint, it's a little bit "advanced" with pain and degradation.  I am always a bit concerned when Femdom is introduced into the vanilla realm in such a way.  It has the potential to paint subs into a corner as deviant perverts into "nasty stuff," and can often tilt someone far to the "no" side, when they may have otherwise been closer to neutral or curious.

As the show goes on, you start to get the feeling that the sub character really needs to submit in order to let him self relax and forget the stress of his day job.  Without it, he begins to wind up and up and it starts affecting him negatively on both a personal and professional level.

After 5 episodes, there has been only one certain indicator that the Domme is deriving pleasure from this arrangement.  Without that, the rest of the interactions seem most utilitarian, with D/s serving as a therapeutic remedy for the man's stress.  The Domme's character is very deep and complicated though, so I hope that it grows as I watch more of the series.

From a personal perspective on the show, I really, really, really, love Wendy's character.  She is incredibly competent and intelligent, very confident, insightful, and aware.  She remains a bit mysterious though, where you know she has complete understanding and control over the big picture, but it is difficult to read what she really likes or dislikes about all that is going on.  Wendy knows exactly what has to be done in pretty much any situation, she also understands why people make their right or wrong decisions, and seems to grasp pretty much anything and everything, without letting it affect personal or professional relationships.

Basically, I find her amazing.

The phone call scene near the end of episode 5 touched really close to home for me and reminded me a lot of my time with K.

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