Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Most Potent Sexual Organ is the Brain

I've often heard this phrase used to describe the arousal of women (although brain is sometimes interchanged with "mind.").  Women are usually given credit for responding more strongly to environment, related emotions, and the symbolism interpreted from actions (more so than the actions themselves) in their arousal, than the base nature of men.

That isn't to say that women don't appreciate a good piece of eye candy, I just have been told that said eye candy often triggers a fantasy in their minds that may be the deeper source of their arousal.  I can't speak if this is true for all, but it's often looked at as being a more civilized form of sexuality.

Men, on the other hand, are often viewed in the opposite light.  We catch a peek of a breast and immediately we're so horny and out of our heads that we may as well be single-celled organisms following our genetic destiny to procreate.  I know in my case, I've never responded this way, but I've come across many men who either did, or pretended to.  e.g. I'm sure just about every man has known a guy who had an over-abundance of "dude-bro" in him.  He's that guy who nudges you and goes, "dude, bro, check it out, you can almost see the outline of a nipple in that girl's shirt, I'm poppin' a chub."

Is it really that easy for them?  I'm envious on some levels but not in many others.  At the same time, I've never really responded to most porn and that on some levels has made me feel a bit fucked up.  Based on the abundance of available porn, I feel a bit like an anomaly in this regards.  Most fantasy happens within my head.  If I see a picture, video, or something of that nature, the arousal isn't instant, it requires my brain to craft a fantasy that does arouse me.

I feel that most deep submissives, e.g. those that are capable of handling a 24-7 lifestyle D/s relationship are probably wired the similarly.  Reading some recent comments on some FLR blogs reinforces this for me.  Subs try so very hard to justify being drawn into an irrational situation but the fact is, we get turned on by subjecting ourselves to and embracing a situation that inherently isn't fair or a rational choice to begin with, e.g. a girl may fantasize about being Queen, but how many boys fantasize about being the Queen's butler?

There's nothing sexy about doing dishes... until mental parameters get injected.  So, I get an erection from doing dishes while thinking about how I'm serving and knowing that if I don't do them, or do them poorly, that I'll be punished, makes total sense, right?  About the only sense I can come up with is that for subs, the brain becomes the more powerful sexual organ.

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