Thursday, May 19, 2016

On Display Part 2

After the first meetings as chronicled in Being On Display T was comfortable that she had introduced me to her friends in an appropriate manner and set the tone for our relationship in their eyes so that this behavior wouldn't seem out of place.  She had been tight-lipped about any prying questions and simply answered them with "that's just how he naturally is."

In future interactions my cooking and waiting on them became the norm as well as some additional practices that I wrote about in the comments of that post.  In the winter T would have me take their coats and hang them up and proceed to help them out of their boots with me kneeling at their feet.  If it was particularly cold out I would ask if either wanted a blanket, and if the answer was yes, I would warm it up in the dryer for a couple of minutes before spreading it over their legs.  Some of her friends were very polite and would say, "please" and "thank you" to me but T informed them that it was not necessary to do so. 

I was to warm their cars up and clear them any snow which may have accumulated 15 minutes before their departure.  Upon their departure, T would have me help them back into their boots while they were seated and then assist them into their coats so that they could continue to converse free of distractions.  The woman from the long foot rub seemed to enjoy this quite a bit and was a bit giddy.  She started wearing knee high or above the knee boots every time she came over, and not the type with easy zips, but lace ups that had about 80 hooks and eyelets per boot. 

We did go out quite a bit.  If T or her friend were the driver, the other would sit in front and I would sit in the back.  If T had me drive, they would sit together in the back as I chauffeured them.  I was always the last one into the car, closing their car doors for them first before entering and I was always the first one out of the car, opening their doors for them and then hustling to the entrance to wherever we were going so that I could hold the door for them.  T sort of took the lead when this happened since most places here have two sets of doors, so she would stop at the 2nd door and wait for me to open that one as well.  If it was out to eat, I would help everyone with their coats, taking them to the coat room/rack if there was one and assist with their chairs.  I would order last and eat light since I knew I would be running about if anything was needed. 

If it was shopping, T would have me carry all of the bags and walk a few steps behind them.  I was only permitted to set the bags down if they were taking a break and wished for me to fetch some refreshments.  At times it became a bit interesting trying to take care of all the doors with my arms loaded with bags.  I was instructed to decline help if they offered it and had to rely on my creativity.  As we were leaving, they would wait at the doors while I carried the bags out, warmed up the car, and pulled it to the curb closest to the door, where I would get every door for them again.  The rides home were always interesting after these.  "It was like shopping with the perfect man.  He didn't complain or anything!   T, are you sure he isn't actually gay?"  She would assure them with gusto.

Upon returning home, I continued with door duty and would go inside, again helping with coats and boots and refreshments before being sent back out to retrieve any items that were still in the car, e.g. shopping bags, leftovers, etc.  One day in particular we were getting hit with a blizzard and a cold front at the same time and we received several inches of snow windchills below 0.  All of the cars were buried.  I was sent out 45 minutes before the expected departure to shovel a path and clear off the car.  T's friend tried to protest, "Don't send him out there, it's freezing out.  I'll be fine"
"No, trust me, it's okay."
"Are you sure?"
"He'll be fine." 
T's friend looked at me and spoke directly, "Don't tell me you're going out there with no boots, and no hat or gloves."
"He'll be fine, but if he wants, I'm sure I can find him a hat and pair of gloves... tell her you're fine."
"I'm fine," I said with a blushing smile and my eyes glued to the floor. 
I departed and did what was instructed.

This continued into the months of better weather (there aren't many of them here) and we would frequently go to the beach with her friends.  I would drop them off and then park the car (usually VERY far away) and then carry everything to the chosen location which would often take several trips.  While they would lay out, I would kneel in the sand at T's side, ready to retrieve a beverage or anything that may have been left in the car.  Those days were rather exhausting, but they were enjoyable as well.

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