Sunday, May 15, 2016

Reflections Part 5: Catching up

T and I are still together after 8 years.  We have had our ups and downs, good and bad.  There have been periods with lots of D/s and periods with none.  Seeing as how this chapter doesn't have an end, Part 5 will mostly include events that I deem notable as they have happened so far, although they may be in random order.  This post will be shorter blurbs but the follow ups will likely be a bit more focused.

A few things that come to mind...

At one point I accidentally left my old collarme ad as "looking for a Domme" status even though I hadn't logged into it in over a year.  A local pro Dominatrix and lifestyle Domme contacted me about my ad and was interested in a meet up.  Her ad had been running since I joined that site (4+ years) and I remember reading it and badly failing her "You must:" and "You must not:" lists.  I replied apologetically that the ad was old and I was no longer looking and she railed on me pretty badly about being irresponsible, discourteous, etc.  It was an interesting experience.  Search results are sorted by most recent logins and last logged in is displayed, so she must have really been struggling to find a good fit if she dug that far into the profiles when at the time there were about 20,000 male sub ads vs. 120 Domme ads in our metro area.  Now that I see those numbers in front of me, it probably took her hours and hours to dig that far into the ads to get to my profile so she was probably a bit pissed.

T left her ad up with a "looking for friends only" status.  She once showed me her inbox.  When it was set to "looking for a sub," she would average 450 messages a day, 250 of which were dick pics and some request to sit on their face or some shit.  With "looking for friends only" it cut things down to 250 messages a day, 200 of which were dick pics.  I just don't get people sometimes.  I couldn't even fathom sending a dick pic as a good idea unless I was at least 10", and even then wouldn't common sense be: "hrm, sending a dick pic as a first contact might make me look like a douche."

 T is bisexual and doesn't mind playing with or having sexual relations with other women.  When we were trying to spice things up a bit T decided to try to find another sub to engage in play.  I told her I was okay with it if it was a woman, but I didn't really want to interact with another man and she enjoyed the thought of it.  We had a scene in mind that we wanted to try:
T would dress me and the sub girl up in identical fur slut outfits (with me also in chastity and a gag).  T would have the girl, who was seeing me dressed for the first time, inspect me and let her say her reactions about it.  T would then chain me up and put me in the closet while she had her way with the girl and I could only listen and maybe peek through a crack.

T had me write the ad, which we posted on her collarme account:
Domme seeks sub girl for Lesdom play and humiliation of a male sub.
Must love fur.
No men.

She got 800 replies in the first day, ranging up to 2000 miles away.  Filtering out everyone that wasn't local, dick pics, and men saying "I'm not a girl but I would do it," we got 1 response.  The response was "I don't love fur but I'd be interested in trying it."  T invited the woman over for a meet up.  I prepared my best dish for dinner and served them.  She seemed like a nice woman.  She was married but had a "license to play" from her husband.  T never got into specifics about the scene, they mostly just talked with me hovering in the background refilling drinks.  The woman said she had a good time and would be seeing us again.

The next day T received a message from her saying she wasn't interested since she didn't find me physically attractive and had no desire to sleep with me.  I really had to scratch my head about this one.  The ad was 18 words and had no implication of any sort of sexual interaction with me and she didn't love fur either, so really?  A week and a half later she wrote back saying she changed her mind and was interested.  T kindly told her to go fuck herself.  We took the ad down as T was getting 1000-1900 responses a day to it, all from men.